How should I configure my setup?

Hi there,

Currently my setup consists of an Ayre K-5xe preamplifier and Mcintosh MC402 amplifier. Both units are fully balanced and I run the amplifier in balanced mode with XLR cables.

Today I ordered a C46 preamplifier which is an unbalanced design. Once I receive the C46 should I continue running the MC402 in balanced mode, or flip the switch to unbalanced? Also would you recommend continuing to use the XLR cables, or go back to RCA? What do you guys recommend?

I decided to switch preamps because I prefer to have matching components. I cant afford any of the fully balanced preamps Mcintosh offers, so I settled with the C46.
IIRC, even though the C46 is not a fully balanced design, it does offer balanced outputs. Unless you are considering a serious IC upgrade, I doubt you'll benefit from switching to single-ended connections. Paul McGowan at PS Audio has called balanced cables for home audio "a solution in search of a problem", for whatever that's worth. Lastly, McIntosh designs its preamps to be compatible with long IC runs to the power amp, so there should be little difference between balanced and single-ended in a McIntosh preamp to McIntosh amp system.