How should I bi-wire my ML sl3

I want to bi-wire my SL3 with either a 8tc/4tc kimber, or by using a single 8tc and create a bi-wire pair(separating the 16 wires in 8tc into two 8 wire bi-wire set). Which of the two is thw best solution? Thanx.
You would be better off by using a double run.
I have the exact equipment you are inquiring about, double runs of 8tc is how I went. No complaints.
I too have used a double run of 8TC from a McCormack DNA 1/B to the SL3s.
Guys, thanx for the advice so far!
Short as possible w/double run - even if you have to buy cheaper cable to do it. I've heard that from R. Vandersteen, and his advice always seems to match experience.

I've read in a few places that buying two runs of cable brand X will outperform the biwire version of cable brand X. This would make sense from an interference perspective. One of my friends who was a solid state physicist mentioned that twirling a biwire set of cables would help to cancel out frequency interaction, but separating them by 6" or so would be the best. I did the twirl, but do not hear a difference. I do hear a difference if I raise the cables off the floor.
Thank you guys and keep them coming!
For reasons I don't understand, double runs of 8TC sound better only with powerful (>100W) solid state amps. Otherwise single bi-wire run is better in my experience.