How serious are you?

On a scale of 1 to 10 with ten being totally obsessed, how serious are you about this hobby?  Explain please. Thanks. 


I'm close to a 10.  Roon says I listen 10-12 hours per week but that doesn't include vinyl.  Listening to music is my drug of choice.  It has always been my means of coping with stress and unplugging after work.  I never use my system as background music.  I look forward to a concert as often as I can.  It is in a dedicated, treated room and if it is on then I am in my spot listening.  I get drawn in- always been that way.  Roon also shows that I listen 4-5 days a week.  Again, that doesn't include vinyl because when I listen to vinyl I don't turn the DAC on.  Used to be I might listen to 1/2 to one CD before switching to vinyl.  Now, I listen mostly to digital since revamping my system the last couple of years.

I have revamped my stereo eight times over 47 years.  I typically would change nearly everything over a one to two year period and then leave it alone for 10-15 years.  My latest splurge which was a cost no object project- in as much as my conservative midwestern upbringing would allow met my goals of killer sound and hi res streaming.  I thought I had tempered my spending quite well; but friends and family have this look that implies I should seek help.  Doesn't everyone have a dedicated room for audio with panels and treatments on the walls, ceiling and floors?


I listen pretty much every day, I have 4 systems, three are vintage and one main. The vintage systems morphed during COVID, and are still going strong in terms of use. Ive restored and had restored components, soldering troubleshooting etc. Ive customized and restored a Thorens and AR turntable. I put in my own NAS and fiber network, digitizing all of my cds and SACDs. I no longer get sticker shock at the prices of high end audio. I just purchased an Esoteric N05 network streamer….so I’m maybe an 8 or 9 out of 10…..but that maybe conservative. Hey it’s a hobby!

I have too many hobbies.  I enjoy them all, but I don't obsess over any of them.  They can all cost a lot of money and require budgeting, but not airplane money.

I guess I'm a 3.  I'm serious enough to have a dedicated room, but I'm frugal enough to not play in the "Class A" pool very much.

I'm also older and my hearing is what it is.

Better headphone system will probably be a step in the future when we "downsize".

Let’s just say that anyone who spends time on an audiophile web site is pretty serious.  We have already estimated on a different thread that percentage of the general public that cares about audiophilia is under one percent, probably a few hundred thousand in the US.  And then only a small fraction of that group will care enough to discuss these issues regularly on line.  So folks by virtue of us being here we are all at least a 9 in my book

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