How's your mother?

Any one have any experience with Zucable Mother PC's? they seem interesting but I would like to here from some people in the field before I make a decision, are they better on amps, pre's, cdp's?? what are your thoughts(those who have heard these cables) and what have you compared them to? I am considering shunyata python and taipan, David Elrod(the digital one which ever the model number is) which is much more but may be worth it, Jena PC's and now the Zu added to the list. Too many choices!!!!
The Zu Mother has some remarkable qualities: it's tight, fast, clear, with razor sharp transients-- all the best attributes of silver construction. In my audio system (largely solid state), I liked its clarity but ultimately found I prefered Shunyatas. I suspect it blends best with somewhat darker systems and/or tube systems, not so well with my Audio Research equipment. I love the Shunyata cords, and currently use a Black Mamba on my cd player, a Sidewinder Gold on my preamp, and a BMI WHale ELite MK II on my amp. The Mother does a splendid job running the PS Audio Ultimate Outlet into which I plug my video equipment: it provides a stunningly sharp picture.

The Elrod powercord that is recommended for all lower current components such as digital front ends, preamps and even small single ended amps is either the standard EPS #2 or the EPS #2 Signature. Both are now available.

Thanks for the help so far guys.
My mom is a saint, thanks for asking.
I love mine, I have it on my Odyssey Stratos. There is a Zu forum at there is a topic dedicated to the mother.
Hi Tim,in my home theatre system consisting of Rotel electronics, I found the Mother to work best on my pre/pro.I also had it sounding good on my amp, but in my system, there was too much of a good thing and the combination sounded a little "bleached" out. I experimented with other cords and found the Shunyata Taipan to work best on the amp. This combination sounds the most natural and musical to me( in my system).I have tried a lot of ic's and power cords and they are definitely system dependent. Experimentation is the best policy with cables to get that synergism-effect for your ears.Have some fun.