How's Totem Rokk

I have a pair of Paradigm Titan teamed with AMC 25W Amp and Marantz67se. Recently I manage to upgrade my Titan. Is Totem Rokk a wise replacement? I could get Rokk at $500 US. Thanks in Advance
Excellent mini-monitor, does a great job on vocals in particular. Sounds MUCH better than the price tag suggests. Smooth speaker, somewhat limited on the bottom end, but well worth owning. Get good stands, plug'em in, and enjoy!!! Jeff
Thank you Jeff! It's me again. i had a chance to audition a Coincident Triumph signature. Did anyone have experience with Rokk and Triumph Sig. I can't recall Rokk I have listened at the dealer. Which one interprets vocals more natural? Thanks again
I have no idea. I'm using the Rokk's in my home office, using a NAD monitor series receiver and CD player, and an Oracle Alexandria turntable. Even with modest supporting gear, the Rokk's sound really good to me. Point of reference is my main system, Oracle Delphi Mark IV, YBA CD player, two Classe Audio amps, Martin Logan ReQuest speakers. Now, the two don't compare, but I do know good sound...