How's this HT setup?

I am starting from scratch in a new 19x19 media room, and am considering either Onkyo 875 receiver or Polk 3808 with Polk Rti12 or RtiA7 main speakers, CSi5 center, FXi5 surround and PSW505 sub. I am by no means an audiophile, but am looking to build out a system that will deliver high quality sound for movies and sports. Thoughts on the system or recommendations?
I strongly recommend you surf on over to and check out their offerings. They have some killer pre-processors and amps. They also just released a full line of speakers and subs that have received excellent reviews.

Mate one of their MMC-1 pre-pros to their XPA-5 amp powering their ERD/ERM speakers and you'll have a killer system for a very reasonable price. All their gear comes with a 5 year warranty.

One of the EmotivaLounge members has a brand new MMC-1 pre-processor for sale at a steal of a price, give him a shout:

The speakers should work OK.
Other brands of reveivers worth investigating are:
Denon, Outlaw, Yamaha
Kill the receiver idea. Go for separates. Better value, more flexibility. We all know the amps in the receivers leave a lot to desired.
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