How's this HT setup?

I am starting from scratch in a new 19x19 media room, and am considering either Onkyo 875 receiver or Polk 3808 with Polk Rti12 or RtiA7 main speakers, CSi5 center, FXi5 surround and PSW505 sub. I am by no means an audiophile, but am looking to build out a system that will deliver high quality sound for movies and sports. Thoughts on the system or recommendations?
I strongly recommend you surf on over to and check out their offerings. They have some killer pre-processors and amps. They also just released a full line of speakers and subs that have received excellent reviews.

Mate one of their MMC-1 pre-pros to their XPA-5 amp powering their ERD/ERM speakers and you'll have a killer system for a very reasonable price. All their gear comes with a 5 year warranty.

One of the EmotivaLounge members has a brand new MMC-1 pre-processor for sale at a steal of a price, give him a shout:

The speakers should work OK.
Other brands of reveivers worth investigating are:
Denon, Outlaw, Yamaha
Kill the receiver idea. Go for separates. Better value, more flexibility. We all know the amps in the receivers leave a lot to desired.
Nothing against Polk, but I'd consider NHT or SVS for speakers. If your receiver has Audyssey room correction and enough watts to drive the speakers you're good to go.

SVS Speaker Systems