How's this for speaker break in?

I bought a pair of Soliloquy Sat-5 speakers from a local ebay seller a few weeks ago and put them in the closet. I had time so I hooked them up tonight. I put on a cd I hadn't listened to in a while (Kate Bush - Hounds of Love) and thought, "these things sound terrible." So I popped in Jane Siberry -- When I Was a Boy, a disc I listen to frequently. Same result, terrible. Speakers were lifeless, no dynamics at all. At one point I had to get up and put my ear to the speakers to ensure all drivers were working.
Well about an hour later they suddenly came to life they sound more like what I expected. Now it makes me wonder, did the Soliloquys need a few minutes to loosen up or have my ears adjusted to them? I nearly got up and unhooked them after three or four songs. Glad that didn't happen as they are sounding better even as this is typed.
I had a pair of Solilquy 6.5's and they also took a long time to break in. If I remember correctly, the Soliloquy owner's manual said they'd needed 300 hours to sound their best and my experience bore this out.

Hit "repeat"' and go to work. By the end of the week you'll start to hear what they can do.
What can you possibly conclude from a non-statistical result that lacks a control? Just enjoy the sound.

Don't ignore the fact it can take a solid hour for your other equipment to heat up as well...That may have been what you heard that you described so profoundly. I doubt a speaker broke in so suddenly, not to mention in such a short time...Break in time is long and slow, and usually so slow you don't notice the difference right away. I only noticed the difference when one random day I realized that all my equipment just sounded consistent every time I turned it on. So look for consistency in sound when looking for break it, thats how you define it IMO, not by looking for major sonic gains. Because essentially you get a very good idea for the sonic signature of ANY piece right out of the box. Although if I had to choose which link in a hifi system that logic applies to the least, it would be speakers. Give em time, lots and lots of time and patience. Don't fall for the banana in the tail-pipe either by leaving stuff on for weeks at a time either...Its unnecessary for most modern equipment today, they are designed to be turned on and off.