How's the analog volume control on the Opus 21?

Anyone running the Resolution Audio Opus 21 directly to amps? How does this configuaration sound in comparison to running the the Opus using a decent preamp? I'm looking to buy this player and plan on running it directly to amps. Thanks!
i own the opus 21, but don't run it directly to amps, because i have multiple sources. i have experimented with it, however, and i could discern no difference. i attribute this to my preamp more so than anything else. (an ATC SCA-2), which is the most transparent preamp i've ever heard.

the volume control is all-analog, though, so full resolution is maintained.

it is the best cdplayer i've ever heard.
I run my Opus 21 directly into my amp which ims sounds better than the SF Line 3 it replaced. To further determine if the Opus 21's volume control could be improved on my neighbor let me borrow his Placette passive. Using the same ics (Pure Note ERs) I couldn't tell any difference with the Opus 21's volume set to 99 and using the Placette to control the volume. What I don't know is if the volume is fully bypassed in the Opus 21 when the volume is set to 99.
the opus 21 only bypasses the volume control the ouput is connected via a DIN connector.

the opus 21 is meant to be partnered with dmn preamps, hence the din. i use a din-to-rca cable made with dmn solid-core interconnects to my preamp - which bypasses the volume control.

annd a free tweak that makes a huge difference - turn off the display using the remote.

clearly audible.
Thank you guys for your informative responses. I think I'm sold. Tom, your test using your neighbor's preamp was especially helpful, and eases my hesitiation to buy a product that I am unable to demo. Yes, I'm aware Resolution Audio's use and return offer for 5%. I'm currently using a Cary 306/200 and a Rotel preamp. I'm eager to get the Opus 21 into my system based on all the positive posts. Fred
Hey Fred,

I too am interested in the Opus 21. I currently run my Cary CD-308 direct to amps and would do the same with the RA.

Question: What is the ETA for new Opus 21. RA website states "Out of stock" call to order. Have you talked to the RA folks. Are they out of stock while converting to the new transport?

Just curious. I'll call them when I'm ready to jump!!


I am getting an Opus 21 that should be arriving next week. I hope to post a review!!

For the ETA, I was told all the shipments will be coming in the end of April, so you should be able to get one shortly thereafter.

I emailed Resolution Audio a week ago. They indicated that once I order, it'll take 1 month for me to receive the machine. Fred

One more weighing in on the direct route to the amp. I have had my Opus 21 for many months and extensively compared it to several other CD players (some with volume controls). I had paired a Krell KRC 3 preamp with my Krell FPB amp. After listening with and without the preamp in the system I ended up selling the preamp and have no regrets. PS: For midfi home theater integration, I use an analogue to digital converter between my Yamaha surround receiver and the digital input to the Opus 21. Thus, my two channel system converts to run my front R & L speakers in Home theater duty.