How's aboutnthese new Diamond B&W's???

Haven't yet gotten a chance to hear them but wonderif the extra $3K is worth it.I know thatbthey are supposed togo as low as the regular 802 Nautilus.But they are quite bit bigger with the extra driver and size is an issue in my current room.
Anybody spent any time with them?If you had a amplifier thatb could swing the nasy impedance dip even though they are rated 90db rating so good stable amp.Wonder if they plan an 804N with a bit more depth.Always found just he soundstage let alone the bass made the 803 worth the ea\xtra $1500 but I am of the ilk that if one has money any of the (up to 803) could use a sub to fill things out.
All the best

All the best
I found all of the new B&W's Nautilus (805-800D) an improvement. Not all have diamond tweeters but all of them have improved I think. Warmer sound, easier to listen to for me. More musical. I understand that they have also simplfied the crossover making it a bit easier to drive.
How long does a B&W take to break in?.. I ask as I heard the 803D. The dealer thought it was broken in with @ 80 hours on it. The midrange sounded rough in places, yet bass and the D-tweeter sounded wonderful. To me it is much improved over their previous line and my guess is that the kevlar cone needs more than 80-100 hrs to fully break in.
I feel they take a good 5-6 months, with a lot of playing, before they settle in.
I have listened to the 802D's and was very impressed; smooth response, great imaginging, and well defined. Sinced I haven't heard the previous model I can't tell you whether they are "worth the difference" but they have made the short list on my speaker search. This pair had been on the dealer's floor for several months and had plenty of time on them.
Have gotten great Sterophile review this issue.Wonder if they will offer a hopped up 804 that offers small cabinet yet gives a bit more depth of stage(that is why I thought the 803 was well worth the $1500 over the 804) but offers the Diamond tweeter which Kalman Rubinson say's offers stiff competitoion to most eletrostatics.But the 803D IS $8K and is even bigger than 803 which is s bit large for some rooms.At $5K for a slighly bigger 804 one could ad a $1500+ sub and tell you what even though there isn't much in acoustic music below 35hrz a big sub used properly (sparingly) was worth it with the regular 803.So a Diamond option with the 804 or 805 would be added plus but just like the car makers like the big SUV's it would make sense that B&W would hold off until they could sell the big un's.
>>Have gotten great Sterophile review this issue<<

A good review in Stereophile? Now there's some news. I wouldn't put too much stock into that. Everything gets a good review or is Class A these days.
Old B&W, new B&W, same old same old.
How about the wonderful review in The Absolute Sound magazine by Sue Kraft, October/November 2005 issue 156 ? (Not everthing gets a good review in TAS ) Now here's a magazine one can put a lot of stock in. I would like to quote some lines from this review but I haven't written for the permission and even though most of us really reads these reviews for the fun of it it still makes for some very interesting reading. Wow, in the past two months, two glowing reviews from the top two US audio magazines on the new B&W diamond series speakers. I feel safe to say, old B&W, still fabulous speakers, and the new diamond series, even better. B&W, they just keep getting better and better.
>>Now here's a magazine one can put a lot of stock in<<

Yeah, bet the farm on those guys. Check out that bridge in Brooklyn that's for sale too.
Wow, in the past two months, two glowing reviews from the top two US audio magazines on the new B&W diamond series speakers. I feel safe to say, old B&W, still fabulous speakers, and the new diamond series, even better. B&W, they just keep getting better and better.
There is also a review of the 803D's in hi-fi+, Issue 38. Worth checking out.
I heard the 803D's- and another in the Diamond line. The tweeter impressed me alot- but that is it. The rest of the spectrum was colored, and mid-fi in quality. Bob grost from Cerious says he has experimented with Diamond tweeters (the Accutons I believe) , and his opinion is that as good as they are, they never integrate well with the rest of the spectrum. (aside from being fragile) That is what I seemed to hear in the B&W's

I have never heard any other Diamond tweeters though.
Reviews are meaningless unless the component is heard in your room, in your system, with your ears. Besides, with the products, money, lunches, dinners, and vacations changing hands it's impossible for a clear thinking person to believe anything he/she reads. Those who do believe, usually get what they deserve.
Yes, we should all listen to Judy with all her/his "wisdom"! After all, we are not "clear thinking" people such as she/he is.
Well having listened to the 800D, 802D, 803D, 803S, 804S.

I feel that you cant go wrong with any of these speakers.

>>Brianmgrarcom Yes, we should all listen to Judy<<
I'm pleased you've put that faith in me. Thanks for the vote of confidence. I hope I saved you from purchasing any Bowsers and Wafflers.
LOL...Nobody has more confidence in you than yourself. Personally, your comments are of no value.
>>Personally, your comments are of no value<<

Only if, unfortunately, somebody happens to be you. What a drag that must be. Thank you; I get a good laugh reading your posts.
Reviews are just one data point in the long road to find suitable equipment. Some folks place a fair amount of value in them and some folks place little or no value in them. I just enjoy reading them myself. As one poster above noted, there is no substitute for listening to equipment in your own listening environment. But I'll continue to read reviews and send notes to the reviewers cause it's part of the fun of this hobby.
I have no idea what that post means, not that I care, but I am glad I keep you amused. :)
IMHO, 802D is worth the extra for a better midrange & bass. The ones I like 800D, 802 D and 805s.
FWIW, I listened extensively to the 803S at 2 separate dealers and thought they were well worth a trip home for an audition. Full, smooth with good driver integration. Then Katrina struck and wiped out the dealer. He'll be back, but the audition is on hold. I did listen to the 803D, but only for 15 minutes - not really long enough to form an opinion.
B&Ws have a house sound that is best at loud volumes due to the midrange. As such I would say that a glowing review would seem biased. It suggests an incomplete review. That being said, they trick you into loving them at first being very musical and offer a great value. I just wonder why no review has pointed this out.