How's a Harman/Kardon HD7600?

Hi, I am just a beginner in this area and starting with basic system which are used ones and affordable for me now. I can get a good / fully functional / well maintained Harman/Kardon HD7600 CD player under $100. How's the performance and Value For Money? I am using Rotel RA-980BX amp

That's an old player, it dates from the late 80s. I had one back in '89 and while it was nice then, it wouldn't have a chance against today's offerings.

With that money I'd much rather get a new entry-level player from one of the big Japanese. Take a look at Sony, Denon, Pioneer, or why not Rotel since you have their amp? :)
They were top notch. Audio magazine reviewed it and said it was comparable to the top players which at that time were selling for about $3000. Very easy on the ears. The bass is usually muddy on the older players compared to current players, but you can usually live with that depending on your speakers etc. I wouldn't pay anymore than that for it. Lynne