How Pathetic is Welborne Labs?

You would never believe this story. Welborne Labs sent me someone elses power supply in error. I advise welborne, they send me a return label. I ship back the power supply. I get a phone call from the person who received MY power supply from Welborne. Welborne sent them my personal info in the form of a shipping label for us to swap power supplies! Its a swap meet! AMAZING! so, I send them mine, they never send me theirs cause this 'guy' calls them and says he will send me his (cant make this up). Well, he is snowed in so he has not been able to get to a post office (and this is my problem because welborne labs is PATHETIC). Great promo for Channel Island Audio. Get your power supplies from them.
I think you are over-reacting. It seems to me that Welborne was just trying to get the item back to you the quickest way possible. Your address is a public record available to pretty much anyone in the world w an internet connection.

It may or may not be something to wine about but I can understand Cerrot whining about it. I agree with Cerrot.


At least Cerrot is not suffering from fly-by-night one-liners. LOL.
At least you got your item many reports on the net of Wellbourne not even g=doing that.