How Pass X250 stands against CJ MF 2500A?

I am very familiar with CJ MF 2500A's sound and trying to find out how it compares to Pass X250.I know that CJ has an amazing high freq. extension.What is Pass's strong sides?
Thank You.
IMHO the Pass X-250 has stronger dynamics, bass drive and will be more detailed versus the CJ. It can drive any load without any issues. I compared the CJ a few years back to the McCormack 225, Sim W-5 and MK 334. Each has their own strong points but the CJ was the weaker performer IMO but it also costs much less too.

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I own an X250, and agree with Bigkidz X250 sonic description. I must add that both amps belong to a different sonic camp, maybe additional information regarding your tastes will help.