How particluar are Dynaudio C-4's to room placement?

I don't have the choice of allowing for more than maybe 24 inches behind my speakers to the wall and I'm wondering how tolerant C-4's are?
C4's are definitely room dependant and can overwhelm a small room. Mine are approx. 40" off the back wall... although you can probably compensate a shorter distance with bass traps and assorted room treatments. My room is 21' x 15' with 7' ceilings... I would not recommend using C4's in a room much smaller than that. I was about to give up on my C4's, until I spent $600 on room treatments... now I'm relieved and very happy with the C4's. I'm thinking about selling my trusty REL Storm III subwoofer, as the C4's have all the muscle my room can handle.
The C4's have prodigious bass. Being rear ported, you're taking quite a risk if you can only get them two feet off the wall.

I have a large open room just not too much leeway in the rear. I can swing as much as 30-35 inches from the rear of the speaker but no more. Plenty of room (at least 6 feet) on the sides. Otherwise they're in the middle of the living room floor and in the way. Do you think that will be a problem?
You will have to experiment. My hunch is that you will probably be OK with them pulled out 35" from the back wall to the rear of the speaker, especially considering you will have 6 feet on the sides (vs. my 36" to the side wall). However, I can't emphasize enough that room treatments made a considerable difference in my room... and I never felt the need for room treatments prior to owning the C4 (previous speakers were the C2 & 1.3SE's).

What are the dimensions of your room?
Mike, Dynaudio dealer here. Do try and place out from the back wall 3' if you can. Even a an inch or two can make a world of difference with these speakers. With the side walls out of the way, you have a lot things working for you even with a tighter back wall placement. Room treatments may be necessary, but do not need to be obtrusive.

You have or will be getting a fantastic pair of speakers. The C4 are among the very best out there. Obvioiusly, I have high praises for them. ;-)

I think the room is about 18x25. It's pretty open to the rear of the listening position (opens to LR and kitchen). The side walls are glass on one side (they have cloth chairs and curtains to help, and Brick and Sandstone on the other. No quite sure what to do with that. I'm hoping the variation


Thanks for the insight. Sounds like I'll probably need to treat the room a bit.
Mike - Your room size is fine. You should be fine with some placement experimentation and some subtle room treatments. Let us know how it goes and what the rest of your system consists of.
The rest of my current set up is Ayre V-1xe amp Ayre K-1xe Pre and Wadia 861se CD. Wiring is mostly Cardas Golden Reference but the speaker wiring is still active Synergistic Research X-2left over from my old set up.