How old is your cartridge?

We read and hear about cartridges that are ancient that people are still using, and we read about others replacing their cartridge after a few years because the cartridge is spent. 
How old is your cartridge that you use regularly? 
I know one person still spinning a Shure V15 Type II Improved with a stylus that is probably about 30 years old. The cartridge itself was purchased by the guy new in the early 70’s. 
My cartridge, a Linn Arkiv B, is 18 or 19 years old and it’s definitely tired by now. 
Thanks all for responding! 
Todays cart flavor is the Pioneer PC-1000 mk2 with Beryllium cantilever. This cart was made in the 70's for legendary Pioneer Exclusive series of turntables and tonearms. Damn good!!!
I am using a pickering XSV 3000 with stereohedron stylus for the past two years nearly every day.  still sounds great.  I am starting to think the older MM have a longer lifespan due to the lower tracking force.
My daily driver is my 1967 Decca FFSS Mk IV C4E - just came back 2 weeks ago from John Wright (London cartridge designer) after an overhaul and new Paratrace tip. Whilst that was away, I was using my 1981 Garrott Brothers Decca Gold.
This LEVEL II is from the mid 80’s, simply wonderful.
Original RUBY work withing the manufacturer's specs (high compliance) according to Test Record measurements of tonearm/cartridge resonance. Not first and not last Grace sample in my collection, never had an issue with any of them! Some NOS styli, more here.

What can be better than unused (still sealed in the box) original stylus for killer vintage MM ?
My Soundsmith Cartridge is a half year old now.  Based on the last two cartridges I had and wore down to nubs I estimate you can get about 500 miles out of a stylus.