how old is too old when buying speakers?

I am considering buying Linn Tukan speakers over the net that are 5 years old. I was wondering whether people would consider this too old to buy speakers, and whether people have had good experiences in general buying audio equipment over the net? It seems a little scary buying components that are used that you have not heard.
5 years is new for some speakers and old for others. Have the Tukans been upgraded in the past five years by Linn? Have you heard them new or used? Speakers are a higher risk purchase - the likelihood of damage during shipping is something to consider.

All of my experiences buying equipment on Audiogon have been positive. However, as a new buyer, you might want to shop for something smaller than speakers first to learn how to protect yourself.
The age in years should not be the most important issue. Depends on how the owner treated them, what kind of music he preferred to listen too (as a link to the average volume, I mean). I would not suggest buying speakers without an audition. If you can arrange this then go ahead. My AudiogoN experiences are just wonderful with just one exception and in that case a laywer friend made sure I had the check within 3 days :-)
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Speakers are not like fine wine, or Stradavari. 5 years, however, is a short time in the life of speakers. However, and that's a big however, you read it above: how have they been treated in those 5 years? You have to trust the person you're buying from. No 'gon resume, forgeddabout it.
I just recently bought some Tukans used. Great speakers for the cost! Could use a sub though. Anyhow, in terms of upgrades, I spoke with Linn and the only upgrade has been the protective cover on the tweeter. They told me that this was purely aesthetic.
Aside from abuse, THE part of concern is/are the capacitors in the crosover. They, reportedly, have a ten year life.
Trust your instincts...if it seems too good to be true...or u sense the seller maybe playin' ya...pass...there are too many reliable folk on Audiogon...always check feedback,call seller,have pics emailed,etc...this doesnt guaranteee a smooth transaction...but it sure helps...just for the record...I tend to go with dealers over a small room the Tukans would be fine...
I've bought lots of stuff on a'gon and have not had any problems with the transaction. (Fedex is another matter).

I've bought two pair of Tukans for secondary systems and think they are great for the cost.

Assuming they weren't over driven, 10 years is conservative and yes the capacitors will go first,
speakers that have a good quality cabinets can never get old.
drivers are replacable even on some of them you can replace just a voice coil on older models if the driver surface is still stiff.
thiels are probably the oldest descent speakers out there that are OK for used.
kefs might not be as good...
I bought a 10 year old pair of Spendor SP1's. Excellent speakers still.