How old is too old?

Quick but hopefully interesting story. I have been playing high end for 30+ years and I will be turning 65 in a few weeks. Not that long ago I had told my very understanding wife that I had pretty much reached the end of the obsessive journey. I had reached the point where replacing ANYTHING of significance was financial insanity. While I acknowledge that my hearing is no longer what it used to be, I still enjoyed listening. I took heart that many great conductors continue well into old age. So basically, my passion and the rest of my life had reached a peaceful balance. On the other hand I still searched Audiogon most days and have been thinking of a Marantz 10B lately. Old habits... Well, I still believed that something was missing but with the loss of all the Stereo stores, it is damned difficult to hear much of anything let alone compare products. Recently had a chance to hear the Chicago Sym do a rehersal and was reminded how good real music could sound. Without all the details, Wilson and ML are key parts of the system. My speaker cable was from a respected company and quite well thought of. Hadn't even thought about it in years, it was just there. Some fine gentleman was sellig the length of speaker cable I needed for $400 for a cable that retailed for $2200, partially because it had been run through the floor and left scuff marks. My set up runs throught the floor so per-scuffed seemed a fine deal. I hoped for some improvement.

I am enjoying my sound system again with more outright fun than I would have thought possible. Speaker cable! And at 65 years old. For $400. None of us ever get to the end of this hobby and who would want too? If there is a moral to this story besides that High End Stereo probably should have a diagnostic code in the DSM, you are never so old that this still can't be fun if you don't take yourself or your sound system more seriously than is reasonable. I still fine in humorous that after spending mega-bucks, $400 went from pretty good to real good.
Dude- you're never too old to enjoy what you love. Keep listening and having's to the next 30 years.
Without passion and purpose, there is no point in living. Keep it going...
"Life is that which ever must surpass itself", F.N. PS I'm older than you are and still buying gear.
"he whom allows his passions to dwindle and die, will himself soon follow"
I am 62, and just last year blew $30,000. on a few new bits for my stereo.
ALL of my friends were thinking i had gone bonkers.
(IF I would have blown it on a new car, they would have applauded)
Thing is I listen to my system over ten hours every single day. The car i use a few miles a week.
The only extra driving I do it to look for more music to play.
I still plan on spending money on stereo equipment. I have a pretty good setup, but stuff just seems to need me to own it, somehow...
Touché for all the comments above...Happy listening.
I be so old..... that when I turn on my amplifier, I'll think I'm turning on the stove!!!:)
Never. I have ordered a custom stereo for my casket, it will have a huge battery pack. The cemetery would not consider a dedicated line. In stead, the kids will be coming often to recharge the pack. It is the least they can do for their inheritance.
Great post, thanks so much! To your comments about a need for DSM diagnosis...Oh, there is!....

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I am 68 and my ears may not be as good as they once were,
but I have learned to hear better. I have also learned to enjoy the music more.
"without music, life would be a mistake"--nietzsche.

so, stop listening when you stop breathing, and not a moment before.
You dont get too old to listen, you only get old if you stop listening.
Now if we had tone controls we could adjust for our hearing deficiencies. Oh wait, thats for the other post...
Too old? Fahgetaboutit !!!!!
My thought is: If I wait until I can afford this stuff, I'll likely not be able to hear it. So just buy it, used, now.
I am 58 and pretty satisfied with my system. Currently I only shop for music and the occasional new cartridge. It’s a boring day when I even look at the classified ads here. The simple fact is, if a piece of my system goes down, I’ll have it repaired or replace it in kind if possible.

Tan43, I am right there with you!
Stay with what you love. If I had a dollar for every beer I ever drank, I'd go out and buy beer with it.
I just turned 65 and am exploring new music on a thread on the MUSIC discussion site( "the best cds in 2011).

I love the sonics of new recordings vs. the stereo of the 60s and 70s but still enjoy the old stuff. Recently purchased Anthony & the Johnsons after hearing a track on a TV series program (House or CSI?).

That said, I plan to purchase a new audio system this year, spending $20,000+/-. I look forward to choosing the components but there are fewer and fewer brick and mortar stores to audition equipment.

The hobby is more enjoyable as I get older, not less.
I'm over 70 and if it floats my boat I'm buying more water!
Just got a new set of Aural Thrills Zenith spk. cables Sat. for cheap off A-gon and they are blowing away my
HT Pro 9,DNM,Morrow SP4 et all big time.
Some folks are using Western Electric amps, and field coil loudspeakers, that are older than you are! You're not going to tell us that they are too old.
Never too old! I am about to turn 57 and have just had the best time this year upgrading my speakers, getting Squeezeboxed, dac'd and finally upgrading power cords and dedicated lines. My system has never sounded better, even as my ears get older. I am already thinking about what kind of system I will need when I retire, should I downsize my home. It may be smaller, but it will be even better. Never too old and never done...
Mama's got a squeeze box... daddy never sleeps at night... she's got those new speakers.... (all together now)...:)
Audiowomen, A change of living space will be very rejuvenating. Perhaps a smaller square footage, but less unneeded rooms. More of an open floor plan. Slate would enjoy the extra running lengths!:)
I may be getting older but my system is getting better . The day I start scaling down is when I'll know I'm to old .
Age is merely a function of attitude. I am more picky now about where I sit for live music. I don't want to have to stand up the whole time. As far as systems go, just because it is loud, it is not necessarily good.
Was it 'old' Abe Lincoln that said "It is not about the years in your life but the life in your years"
Heck! Musically speaking, we’re so much more fortunate than the youngsters out there. They can have their superior hearing; look at what their poor ears are being fed. I wouldn’t trade my musical journey (beginning in the 50s) for anyone’s. Music forever!
'I still fine in humorous that after spending mega-bucks, $400 went from pretty good to real good.'

Don't see / understand the humor. I would want a refund of my mega bucks. Something is wrong. A piece of wire should not change a mega buck system (or a sub-low fi system for that matter). Wire is just wire. I wish the hype was true, I would love to buy a piece of wire and turn my modest rig into a ultra high end system.
I've never noticed a difference in the sound of marginal to good speaker cables but I don't doubt they do make a difference. I still spend a pretty good buck on them and I'm about to pick up some new ones on Saturday. I hope that for once I am one of the people that can say yes, this was well worth it. If these do not make a difference, I will keep them forever or if they need to be replaced I will buy Blue Jeans cable and chalk it up as my hearing is not what it once was. If someone deciphers those differences and I cannot, who am I to say it's a placebo effect.
'chalk it up as my hearing is not what it once was.'

Have you ever heard a difference? When you were much younger with good hearing? Your hearing is probably just fine. I am 68, and hear as well as ever. I don't think a 'young'german shepard can hear wire. :) My thought is this: if 'good' wire i.e. wire that makes an improvement, can be heard, then it stands to reason that 'bad' wire should be able to be heard also i.e. degraded sound. Try the blue Jeans and see if your sound degrades. Unless wire has this magical property whereas it either improves the sound or has no effect on it. hmmmmmmm. BTW, what does hearing wire mean in a musical context. How does it affect your cd of Beethoven's ninth? Everyone 'hears' it, but they never reference a piece of music, so the rest of us can get involved. It seems to trump every other aspect of the system. All the time and money spent selecting and matching etc... means nothing without finding that needle in the haystack? Not trying to start a fight, just trying to understand. If true I want in also.
When I can't hear the differance between my TV speakers and my systems speakers. As long as I can I will continue on.
'When I can't hear the differance between my TV speakers and my systems speakers. As long as I can I will continue on.'

My sentiments exactly!! I don't know if I can hear 20k, if I ever did, But I don't think I am missing anything put on CDs.
As Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull once said, "You're never to old, old old, to rock and roll, roll, roll.............". He could have added "or any other form of music that you love"! I'm 61 and still listening to my system avidly, have about $15,000 sunk into it. Have 1163 LP's and 500 CD's, all genres except rap and country, and still out looking for more. Oh yeah, and I still have an old Fender Stratocaster and Peavey Dual 12 amp I play. I just added a Joule Electra LA 150 Mk 2 preamp last year, so still looking to improve my system. Rock on, guys!!
Music has become one of the most important things in my life as I have aged , of coarse family members are first . As I get older the music just seems more important and I have know intension of slowing down with music or equipment purchases . There are something's you just can't put a price on , my daughter and my music are two . In fact it's the upgrades , mega buck or mega cheap that help fuel my passion for audio and music . Have a great musical day , Tim
I so agree that music has become much important as I passed the age of 50. I finally let go of the purse strings and jumped into finding the best system for dollars. I always had plenty of quantity, but the necessity for quality took a quantum leap.

Yep, those people who spend the money on a car. I have been driving for 37 years, did I just say that, and driving is just a means of getting around anymore. My true pleasure comes from music, and hearing it done as well as possible. Certainly a lot more pleasure is derived than from a 'car' depreciating like crazy and just getting me from A to B.
57 and learning to play the guitar. I'm getting alright too. Then there are the younger musicians I'm getting to know and going to their live shows. Plus I've been jamming with them lately and they say I sing pretty good too. Now I'm looking for a new dac or universal player. maybe a turntable too. What, too old? Rock on.
You're never too old to enjoy music and great equipment makes music more enjoyable. I'm 71 and just bought a pair of Tannoy Canterburys. Best speakers I've ever had and I've had plenty-Avantgarde Trios, Maggies, Hornings, etc.They're all great speakers and it's still fun trying different styles out.I have 1000's of LP'S collected over the years so I'll be listening till I croak. Still playing jazz on my guitar, although a little arthritis takes it's toll.Never give in to age.
Don't ever "downsize". When you get older you'll need a bigger system just to keep up with your hearing loss. I downsized once, it was a big mistake.
Your to old when you can no longer lift the remote control.
Your to old when you need a walker to get to your audio rack from your sofa.
Your to old when you crap your pants getting to the audio rack from your sofa using your walker.
Your to old when you can't tell the difference between a tube and a transistor.
Your to old when you put a large old laserdisc on your turntable thinking its a vinyl record.