How old is this turntable? Oracle Delphi Mk -1

How old is this turntable? Oracle Delphi Mk -1. I bought it about a year ago. I took it to Brooks Berdan LTD and he completely rebuilt it and it looks brand new. I believe it has to be at least 20-25 years old. Anyone have any knowledge or experience with this table?
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Could be about 20 years old. Not really any older than that. It is a good TT that was in about the same catergory as a Linn LP-12 sonically. One of the best TT's of that time frame. I'm sure that it would still be enjoyable today in good condition.

I've sold this table retail and it was introduced circa 1982. Sonically, I believe better than the Linn and certainly far less finicky in set-up. It is a keeper, particularly with the right arm/cartridge combination.
Twl is correct about the age. I used to own one,I feeel that it is indeed a fine sounding unit. any table with that type of suspension needs some care in set up and can take some trial and error. If I am remembering correctly this table had different springs for adapting tone arms of different weights?
Don't take this wrong, that I don't appreciate any and all post and answers, but I have to ask, why haven't you asked Mr. Berdan? Not only is he maybe the most knowlegdeable person ever to deal with a turntable, but when I was lucky enough to live in the L.A. area where his services were available to me, I found that evan though he was a busy man, he was always willing and glad to answer any question I had, and a real nice guy as well.
And you're lucky again, (you may already know), he makes his living setting up, adjusting, altering, and modifying turntables. He is a hero of mine.
Does he still have the display of all those cartidges? It looks like a historical record of cartridge development, in real life! Evan the expensive ones! I'm glad to hear that he is still there.
Here is a break down on the Oracle line up:
AC year 1979/1981 serial number: 1001-2499
MKI year 1980/1984 serial number: 2500-6798
MKII year 1984/1987 serial number: 6799-8134
MKIII year 1987/1989 serial number: 8135-9044
MKIV year 1989 serial number 9045
MKV year 1992

MKI year 1983-1984serial number 001-1736
MKII year 1984-1987 serial number 1737-2865
MKIII year 1988-1989 serial number 3000-3451
MKIV year 1990 serial number 3453

MKII year 1982-1987 serial number 001-268
MKIII year 1988-1989 serial number 269-334
MIIV year 1989 serial number 335
- Jody
I could have asked Brooks...however, It was easier posting the question here and getting feedback from different members of the group along with their individual opinions. You are correct, Brooks is a nice guy and very busy...he did answer all the questions that I asked of him, however, as busy as he always is, I didn't feel comfortable engaging him in casual conversation...once I post something here, I get varying opinons that I value. I work in Pasadena and Brook's shop is 10 minutes down the road in Monrovia. Yeah, the place looks like a shrine to turntables and cartriges...he let me tour the whole place, the back room and all. Kind of intimidating though, I don't have ultra high-end stuff. You know that he is a disciple of tubes....I almost felt I had to apologize for having solid state gear. He has some pretty exotic and off the chart priced items. You can buy a new turntable there for $300 or for $25,000. When he completed the work on my Oracle...I bought a $40 Grado cartridge as a replacement for my Music Hall 2.1 table so I could get rid of it...he installed that too! The rebuilt Oracle sounds great in my system is below:

Preamp..............Audio Research LS-10 solid state (no phono input)
Preamp..............Carver C-19 Tube (I have it connected to the AR LS-10 and use it for a phono preamp)
Speakers............Infinity Kappa 9 (bi-amped)
Amp.................Carver Silver 9-t monoblocks (low pass)
Amp.................Sunfire Signature (high pass)
Phonograph..........Oracle Delphi Mk-I
Cartridge...........Grado Reference Platinum
CD Player...........Carver SDA/360 5 disc changer

I also have a pair of Infinity Rennaisance 90 speakers that I switch into the system periodically.