How old is NBS?


Do anyone in here knows how old the cable brand NBS (Nothing But Signal) is?

Any information would be very helpful...

Best Regards
I purchased my first NBS cables in 1994-95 IIRC. The owner,designer was Walter Fields. Mr.Fields is still with the company but I think there are other principals now. Maybe others have more detailed info.
Hmm, I always thought that NBS stood for Nothing But Sound...
I heard from freind that new owner,walter still with them though.
I always thought it was No Bull Sh*t.
Stop it E,thats not nice,cheers,Bob
I also heard it was No Bull Shit........and that's not a joke?
nbs was started in mpls mn by walter fields back in 1990, they still have new cables for sale, and nbs stands for nothing but signal, it was harry pearson who coined the term, no bull shit. chrissain
After a conversation with mr. Fields, I can conclude that NBS - Nothing But Signal / No Bull Shit ;-) - was started in 1989. Thank you for your (more or less!) serious answers.