How old are your speakers

I am wondering how many listen to old speakers. I am not looking so much as to how long you owned them but how old are they. Are they your primary speakers? I am listening to a pair of 2003 Verity Parsifal Encores and continue to be pretty pleased with them.
Bought my Musical Fidelity MC-4s in 1987, so they're 28 years old. These are Martin Colloms designed two-ways with a see-through TPX 8" bass/mid and Elac metal dome tweeter. I enjoy rotating them through my secondary system where I additionally have Spendor SP-1s (also mid-'80s), Revel Performa M20s and Usher BE-718s. Shockingly, of the listed speakers the MC-4s "disappear" best.
Wilson Audio Maxx3's will be a year old in December! Former speakers owned were as listed. I'm done finally as I have reached my goal.

Acoustat 2+2
Martin Logan Sequels, Odyssey
Magnaplanar MGIIB
I forgot to add the Altecs date to 1968, but I have a small pair of Montereys which are several years older.
One week for my newest, 40 years old for my oldest.
I don't even know how old mine are, but they are Legacy Audio Signature II. Still sound pretty good to me, but I wouldn't mind a set of the Focus SE!