How old are you?

No age is too young or too old. Just general curiosity about the average age of Audiogon members. 

I’ll start. I’m 39.

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August 51 year's ago I was at Woodstock. I was 22 (never saw any nudity though, darn)
Saw the Beatles at Shea Stadium in 1966, couldn't hear a thing over the screaming. I only went because my girlfriend at the time loved them, as did every girl at the time. Later went to the Fillmore East every weekend with my 2 buddies. Saw way more bands than I can list.
First real "system was from Lafayette Radio. LR3500 receiver. 47 of the grittiest harshest watts, but hey it had power!  Criterion speakers.
Garard zero 100 tt Stanton cartridge. I had no concept of staging, image, timbre or tone. Didn't want nuance just wanted LOUD. LOL.

Im of Medicare age 65 and still run a 8.5 minute mile splits for 5 miles 3X times a week.

Listen to mostly Jazz but I also have a liking to hear some rock
through a pair of MC275 Mcintosh tube power amps along w/ C22 preamp, MR 71 Tuner and a great pair of JBL 4343b kick ass speakers!
Old enough to remember yanking the tube amp out of my Mom's Sears Silvertone console and hooking it up to some 12" Utah speakers that I built plywood cabinets for.  That year, Santa brought me a Garrard SL55b with a Shure m95e!
54...I got my first system 40 years ago. I’ve always had a modest system. Currently I’m  piecing together my first system with a tube integrated and love it.
Old enough to eat cornbread without choking on it.