How old are these used Vienna Acoustic Bach's?

I'm interested in buying a pair of Vienna Acoustic Bach's. They have the serial numbers: 10572 and 10595
Is there any way to determine how old these are and if they are built with the same specs as the current models? I understand the new ones coming out next year are going to be different. I won't have a chance to audition these before buying if I want to but I'll have an audiophile friend listen to make sure they aren't busted. I just don't know if they'll have the similar profile to new ones that I heard in a store.

Thanks for your help
The current ones are the Bach Grands. I have them and consider them to be excellent speakers. My serial numbers begin with a 5. Not sure if this means anything.

Seems to me an easier way to tell is to find out if the ones you thinking of purchasing are Bachs or Bach Grands. If just Bachs, then they are the older ones. Another easy way to tell is the badge at the bottom of the speaker. If its just a V, then older Bach. The Grands have the newer style rectanglular badge that says Vienna Acoustics.

Yes, the specs are very different - 6 ohm Bach vs. 4 ohm for the Grands. The Grands also have the TBR system around the tweeter. Believe the Grands dig a little deeper even bacause of the TBR even though wooder size the same at 7".

Whichever they are, all VA's are great speakers built to a very high quality. If you enjoy music, you will enjoy these. Good luck.
Call Vienna. They will have a record of the date of manufacture.