How often do you turn it on?

I am in the process of upgrading my relatively new Krell 575 Solo for their new XD. Being 64, and moving and packing 70 lb a major PIA, I question my sanity. I justify my action by reminding myself that audio is my only hobby, one that I dedicate 2 hours a day to. 

I am curious, what are your listening habits? Is it daily, do you read while listening, analog/stream/CD, age group, etc? Anything that will help get my head around my audio nervosa. 
  There is no reason to question your sanity. Everyone has his/her own listening habits. I might go a week without listening to my system and then have an unplanned six hour listening session. Sometimes I read, but mostly I listen. If I can't sleep in the middle of the night, I might get up and listen to music for an hour or two. It is about the music, about what makes you happy. And in this season holidays, we as audiophiles should all be grateful for the beauty of music and the fine components we have (or want to have)). 
Of course, you’re right... be grateful. I only have two friends who are audiophiles, hence my curiosity as to what is normal for those of us with the bug. Thank you. 
If I'm listening alone, which is most of the time, I usually have my laptop in my lap, reading and posting on AudiogoN. I also surf a few other websites that interest me. I also sometimes clean records while listening, but I'm not in the sweet spot for that activity.