How often do you swap out equipment in general

It seems to me that after a good while of listening, I start getting itchy and start moving
stuff around about every month or so. Do I need to get
some extra strength Gold Bond, or is this normal for "US" ???
Every month?

If you had said every other year, I'd have said, "Yeah, okay, that is not too bad."

If you had said every year, I'd have said "That seems a bit much, but if you haven't upgraded lately, that seems okay too."

But every month?!
Wow man.
I have to say, that you got it bad.
You might want to either take a break for awhile, or seek professional help, or get married.
(I have found that getting married really slows down the upgrading! At least for awhile anyway.)

Good Luck!

kurt: this past week, my mother-in-law was here from
seattle. no kidding. i started twitching after 3 days
of no sounds. i was getting ideas of what to do next
and with what, and i was getting obsessive about it. (you think??)
maybe i do need a doctor. i've only upgraded a few times
over the past 3 or 4 years, but i'm constantly switching
crap. i just wanted to see how nuts how i was, relative
to the rest of my peeps.
you sound "normal" to me ;)
It totally depends on how much money I have available. If I've got the dough and the price is right, I'll pull the trigger.

I'm saving my money and waiting for a heavily discounted great deal on a set of Genesis 1.1 speakers. It could be years before this happens, but I'm in no hurry.
Hardly ever - maybe every two years. I will not swap stuff unless I can audition first. And I've hardly ever auditioned something I prefer over my current set up. That is why I no longer consider my self an audiophile. Turns out I am just a musicphile in search of gear to improve my enjoyment of music - all music, not just audiophile grade recordings. My gear is just a hammer to nail the music.
I've been pretty good for going on a year. I am still trying to decide which digital player to go to, and will buy the upgraded PSU for my phonostage when it hits near the end of the year. The thought of getting behind the rack and tearing everything down every month or so sounds to much like work to me.
i guess i'll make that appointment for
me and dpac.
I get the upgrade itch about 1.5 to 2 years;I always buy used and try to move up in a audible improvement; its a lot of fun and you don't loose a ton of money especially if you can move your used gear on audiogon.
I usually know what I want and I'm rarely in a hurry to get it. I'll typically start looking several months in advance of the purchase, and I almost always buy used. I put together my entire system, except the HDTV, from items purchased off Audiogon.

I did, however, just purchase an Oppo 983 brand new from Oppo. It will be interesting to see if it bests the Denon 3910 I just sold. Boy did I ever have seller's remorse over that piece! I sure hope the Oppo justifies that sale...

I'll make impulse purchases just to try out the latest thing; most recently a pair of Usher S-520s, a Bel Canto dac2 and an Oppo 980. I listened to the Ushers for a while just for a change and sold them at very little loss. The Oppo and dac2 will stay until I need to sell them for some other interesting piece. This is part of the hobby for me but most of the mainstays in my system are a couple years old now. I have no desire to change them out as they are very musically satisfying to me.
If I can keep everything static for 6 months, I am doing good. I just can't help thinking there is something out there that is better than what I have. Cables, power conditioner, etc. I have had my speakers for about 5 years now. That is the record for me. It's a sickness, I know. But I'm not complaining, it could be worse.
Well to qualify my reply I am broke...dead broke!

But all the same I have at times day dreamed over this speaker or that amp and that cart with this table but I find myself at a point where I am really happy over all and dont waste time dreaming of unobtainable gear. The largest reason I think I have changed is now I have my own room so everything performs at a level I'd never heard before. I do still read all mags and peak at ad's and manuals online and attend shows but more of curiousity than a dream plan.
I've had my amp and CDP for approx. 1 year... speakers and preamp are relatively new additions, going on 3 months. I'm low on $$$ right now, so I'll make an occassional small purchase ($300 or so) on tube rolling till I get another large infusion of cash in the form of my annual bonus or tax refund in 2009. If money were not a constraint, I'd probably be making significant component changes every 4 to 6 months or so. I typically like to move up vs. just making lateral moves in terms of quality and price. I'm satisfied that my system has come a very long way in the last 3 or 4 years that I've been serious about this hobby.
the only surviving member of my system thus far
has been the adcom gda600DAC, which i've had
since 96 , i think. wow! that's a 6th grader man!!!!
I built my system around the Vandersteen 2CE sigs that I purchased back in '02. I have had 5 Amps since then and 6 preamps since then. I have only changed sources once (CD and TT). I have upgraded all stock ICs and PCs. I have been fortunate in the amp department never spending more than $900 and getting increased performance with each upgrade. In the preamp area I have been able to upgrade with increased performance every time except once. I have never spent more than $65 on ICs and $285 on PCs. I have not changed pres since 11/04 and just made my last amp upgrade in January.
Way to go, Eagleman6722!
I've noticed a huge improvement since I started as
well. But I think it's time to come to a slodown.
But we all know that'll never happen. :)
Time for tweeks like ICs, tubes, furniture, etc...... A lot less expensive....
I am probably one of the worst when it comes to swapping out components. In the past 2.5 years I have had 4 different speakers, 4 different preamps, 3 different amps, and 4 different cdps. My system has remained stable for the past 2-3 months which is a record for me. I usually start thinking about changing things out right about now. I am actually kind of depressed because I know my system is stable now. For the foreseeable future, I will be looking into cables and other tweaks which should somewhat satisfy my upgrade itch though it will never give me the same thrill as getting an new component.
I think I'm pretty bad, but guess I'm not much worse than others. Still, what good is an addict comparing his addiction to another addict?

I've owned 4 speakers, 5 amps, 5 preamps, 3 sets of cables, 6 different sources in the last 4 years. I've had problems with damage happening during shipping that has kept me from wanting to change speakers again, especially now that I've found a setup I really like. My current setup was bought at price poitns that make it hard for me to upgrade and get a noticeable benefit without spending a ton of $$, so like Tboooe, I think I'm done now for a while. I've turned to experimenting w/ new music and new tweaks + tubes.
current setup was bought at price poitns that make it hard for me to upgrade and get a noticeable benefit without spending a ton of $$
That's the point. I live comfortably enough but there comes a point where upgrading is much more about the audio jewelry than about the music. My system sounds so good to me now I think money is better used elsewhere. (Kids in college)
I agree with Dennis_the_menace and timrhu. I just dont think I will get a major improvement without spending mega bucks, which of course I am unwilling to do (reality check: just 3 short years ago I almost choked at the thought of spending $2K on a cdp, now my cables cost that much!). Now that my system is stable its been fun focusing on other hobbies that took a back seat while I went crazy putting together my system. For example, this year we outfitted the family with all new snowboarding gear and clothing. It was expensive but well worth it as we had a great time snowboarding this year. Anyway, I am sure my system will stay stable for a few years until I go nuts again and spend a small fortune to upgrade everything. I am looking forward to it!