How often do you replace your belt?

No, this is not one of those questions where I'm looking for an answer like, "After Thanksgiving." The belt on my table is over three years old. When I place the brush on the vinyl, it slows down now. I'm also questioning the sound quality lately, I'm thinking, the belt may need replacement. Does anyone have a formula? Like every year or so? In which case I'm long overdue? I just ordered a new Turbo power supply. Maybe all I needed to do was replace the belt? Hmmm...


Generally speaking belts are inexpensive, if you have reason to believe that yours needs to be replaced, get one and then tell us if you really needed it! I just buy a new TT when the belt gets worn! : )
>>How often do you replace your belt?
I did it once on my Transrotor TT - in 25 years!
Try cleaning the belt with rubbing alcohol, there will be less slippage.
Never, I own a direct-drive table. For those less fortunate, a cleaning can help (clean both the belt and the surface of the platter or sub-platter that the belt rides on) and VPI recommends putting the belt in a baggie with talcum powder in it before replacing it on the turntable. I have never heard of another manufacturer suggesting this regimen
I think, for $10. I may just order a new one as suggested...
I'll let everyone knwo how it goes. Then again, while waiting for the new one, I may try some cleaning magic.

Rubber renew. Google for the best deal/local sales. $5-6 for a small bottle which will last forever if you're just cleaning turntable belts.. your belt will be just like new again... maybe even a bit better. Talcum powder sounds like a bad idea, odd VPI would suggest making the rubber surface less likely to grip the platter at 100%.
I believe that the logic behind the VPI direction is for the the belt comes cleanly off when leaving the platter on the way to the motor spindle. In other words, it does not grab the sub platter on the way off. Another idea, posed some time ago was, if using a flat belt, to put a twist into it for exactly the same reason. This is a free tweek and very easy to try, well except for those of us with direct-drive tables.
My Oracle dealer, about 25 years ago, told me about the twist in the belt tweak. I used it on my Thorens back then, and use it on my Oracle today. I should have my new belt in a day or two, and my new power supply sometime after that.
I'll post the difference with a new belt after I try it out.