How often do you have to tuneup Linn Sondek LP12

Hi, I'm thinking of buying an Linn turntable but was wondering how often do you have tune the subchassis? I have a Rega 25, would moving to the Linn be an upgrade? Would be grateful for any input. Thanks! duckboy
As a very satisfied, long time LP12 owner I've had to tweak my suspension three times since 1984 and one of those times was when installing the Cirkus upgrade. I've lived in my current home for 16 years and have moved the table three times. Set it up and leave it alone. I won't give you advice on what table to buy because most of the folks here don't like this table and consider it a dinosaur. I don't agree. I consider a good used one to be one of the best bargains on the used market.
Lugnut: There are many people here who like the Linn. They just don't have as big a mouth as i do : ) Sean
I agree with Lugnut. Properly cared for, they don't need much fuss.
I have only adjusted mine when I chaged the tonearm. I have one with an SME 309 , and my sons has a 3009. There is a little too much hype about the LP12 . It is simply one of the best sounding tables out there. Once its set up your done.
Agreee with the above posts. I've owned my LP 12 since 1998, and have had the set up checked everytime I've upgradede it (upgrade from Basic to Lingo, upgrade from Akito to Ekos) or when I've disassembled the tbale for moving . About 3 years ago, I shipped the table off to Extreme Phono for the carbon fiber subchassis and armboard ods, and they installed difference nuts on the subchassis screws which seem to hold the adjustement no matter what. I've checked the table a coupe of times since, and have never needed to mess with it. I have since bought another table (Basis Debut Vacuum with all the trimmings) and boxed up my LP12 and Ekos...but still haven't put them up for sale. Good as the new rig is...the LP12 was no slouch..
Thanks for info guys it's what I was looking for.
Part of it depends on the age. The bad reputation that the LP12 has dates to the early days, when the suspension went out of tune every other day--or so legend has it. Over the years, suspension parts have gotten better, and the tuning can be held for years. (Of course, this doesn't stop some dealers from suggesting a $50 tuneup every six months.)
I agree with Jc2000 regarding on the age factor. Any LP12's before 1985 may require more tuning often. I own a Linn Sondek LP12 from 1988 that has the Lingo,Ekos Tone Arm & Arkiv Cartridge,that was installed in 1990.It still sounds great. I've compared it with an Oracle Delphi Mkll I also own, that has a Alphason 100S Tone Arm & Micro Benz M2 Cartridge. The Oracle has a tadd more inner detail, but the Linn has a much more warmer and richer live sound. I've worked & still do projects with my partner Marc Ellis, who composed the film scores/Master Of Disguise/Anchor Man & more who's father was Ray Ellis/Lady in Satin, Billie Holiday,Johnny Mathis & more.That advised us on many projects. So spending many years in the recording studio. I think you can take my word on this!
The Linn Sondek LP12 set up right, will give you years of enjoyment.
I agree with the above, but the key is - do you have someone who can set it up correctly? If you're going to buy new, the dealer will do this for you, but think about it if you're buying used.
JC2000 and Alan2 are especially correct as well as the other posts. Once set up well it will stay that way for many years.
I have owned my LP12 since 1973. I think summer. Mine has been overhauled once with springs, change the oil, etc. When I changed the tone arm 5 years ago it was tuned up and belt changed. I just keeps working. They are very low maintenance tables.
I would NEVER buy another LP 12. Ever! From day one, I was never really happy with it. I used to use an old Dual 1219, idler driven table, which had fantastic dynamics and the most solid bass I had ever heard. The Linn doesn't do bass very well. After a multitude of arms, power supplies, motors, bearing upgrades, etc., etc., etc., I sold it for a massive loss. Then I purchased a Dual 1229 idler drive table, removed the arm, installed a Grace 747 and never looked back. Copy this link into your brower and read this before you buy.
For all those who love the Linn, I say Cheers! It is a pretty table after all, but to me, not a very musical one.
The Dream Team for tuning freaks is a LP12 with Schroeder Arm...
I adjusted the springs, leveled, and installed 2 different tonearms and 3 different carts, leaving me with a Linn Sondek 12 Ittock II tonearm and dynavector 10/5 MC Cart. No problems at all with Linn. I am someone that is not mechanically inclined, and also used a Mint LP protractor to install the carts. The 1st time took 2.5 hours, then with a little practice, it can be done in about half an hour. Again, no problems with Linn and the music sounds great without the Lingo and/or Linto. Good luck.