How Often do you Change Your Gear

mrdecibel - funny...I actually don't change my equipment very often.... quite the the last 20 yrs I had 4 or 5 amps, 5 preamps , maybe 5 different speakers and only 4 different CDP
Haha, funny is right!  In the last FIFTY years, I have owned (average # per year):
three turntables (0.06)
two tonearms (0.04)
three cartridges (0.06)
two CD players (0.04)
two cassette decks (0.04)
three DACs (0.06)
three preamplifiers (0.06)
five stereo amplifiers, (0.1)  and
five pairs of stereo speakers (0.1)

I have also acquired a lot of LPs and CDs  because, for me, this hobby really is All About the Music (though I do own more books than my CDs and LPs combined).

How about you?
Upgraded my ARC PH3 SE phono stage to the Herron three months ago. The ARC was three months shy of 20 years. Already I can tell the Herron is, to misquote Seinfeld, a dead mans phono stage.

Talon Khorus, not sure exactly but probably about 15 years.

My Teres-based Miller Carbon turntable at least 15 years.

Melody integrated over 10 years. (Aronov before that over 10 years.)

Various power cords, interconnects and speaker cables, almost all from Synergistic Research and Shunyata, 15 to 20 years.

And the all-time champ, Black Diamond Racing Cones, Shelf, Those Things, Pucks, and Source Shelf, well over 20 years.

Those are the long term keepers. Its notable that while I have in my whole life had just three turntables, three tone arms, four cartridges and only two phono stages, I've had several SS amps and so many CD players I've literally lost count. I think this is because for me its all about the music. The keepers just make music. Or should I say let the music flow. Anything does that, I just don't ever want to let it get away.
how do you even properly break in 5 speaker pairs per year on average???  The logistics of all that equipment swapping makes my head spin.  I guess I'm more on a multi-year (every 5 plus years?) cycle.
how do you even properly break in 5 speaker pairs per year on average??? The logistics of all that equipment swapping makes my head spin.

I’m sorry to be unclear. I averaged 1/10 of a speaker set per year (0.1). Stated another way, I kept each pair of speakers for an average of 10 years.
If you buy your gear used it should already be broken in so you get a good quick idea on sq.

You do not want to know my equipment cycle rates ...... lol
Me and my 2 brothers went on an 8 yea gear changing journey that was crazy. We either owned or demoed 50 different cables. 20 different speakers 20 amps and 8 integrated and another 20 pre amps between the three of us.