How necessary is a zerostat gun?

How necessary is a zerostat gun?
It all depends on whether you have a lot of static that builds up on your vinyl.

I don't, so I don't use the zerostat gun, even though I have one. (Or had one, as I think I gave it to a friend to try who did have a bit of a static problem.)

So in my case, the answer would be: Not at all.

My two cents worth.
I have one but rarely use it.
It helps but it isn't necessary unless you are living in a dusty environment like NYC.
Oddly, the best effect on many of my records using the Iconoclast from or from
is to allow more more of the "you are there" virtual reality cues to be heard, not simply a pop and static control.
This is a competitor to the Zerostat gun.
I don't think this has been remarked upon by Ionoclast users, and perhaps is the result of decreasing the continuous barely audible distracting surface noise which the (superior :> analog) brains of vinyl lovers must otherwise learn to ignore during playback
For me, the Ionoclast subjectively increases the signal to noise ratio.
Wow, I didn't even know those things were still around. My roommate had one when I was in college back in 1975.
Agree if a lot of static or LPs attracting inordinate amount of dust you could use on. Otherwise they are no needed.
I do not need one.
In So Cal where the humidity can be on the low side I find it necessary!!!
Not needed unless you get a lot of static. Doesn't work on children.
I have the Ionoclast and use it regularly on vinyl and cd/sacd/dvd-v and dvd-a. Since you can hold a cd in your hand while using the Ionoclast it is possible to feel the difference in static release. It makes the whole front end smoother and it makes me feel better. Just part of the process. Listen every day.
I hope not very.

Haven't used one in 30 years.
Lloydc it can be used as a child prod!!!
Another no user here. Mine has been sitting in my cabinet for 2 years now unused. You'll know if you need one.
Guess I'm in the minority here. I have used one religiously on nearly every side of every record for the past 30 years. A Zerostat for most of that period, and the Milty equivalent in the last couple of years.

I have no idea how necessary or unnecessary it is, not having done any controlled experiments. But it would figure to be more likely to be necessary for someone like me who listens to a lot of wide dynamic range classical music (containing lots of low level passages), than for someone who listens mostly to dynamically compressed rock music (where the volume level will tend to always be much higher than the noise floor of the record surface).

-- Al
I have two and use it every time a lp rolls out of the sleeve. There is almost always static. Plus, I destat the equipment and it seems to stay lest dusty.
I use mine more or less; more when it's needed, less when it's not.

Such light-heartedness may seem a fearful risk, but I'm willing to play dice with that particular universe.
I gave mine to a friend. Although I have major static electricity problems all winter (mostly solved by a SERIOUS room humidifier) I found the Zerostat of little help. Dave
Zerostat removes some static only Furutech DeStat snh-2 removes all static it is 100% effective.A must for better record playback.
A little trick I use is get some Endust for Electronics and clean your platter and the lid and plinth. It prevents static. I'm also using a cork platter too. It helps too. Make sure you use a soft cloth and keep it away from your cartridge styus.
I often use it before I play an LP when there is static, and I always use it after I play an LP so that dust stays off as I slide it back into the MOFI inner sleeve.
Samhar, Ha! Will try it on child at the earliest opportunity.

We rarely need them in Houston, it's not the heat, it's the ...
I use it on every disc as well. With the winter coming (I'm in NY), I keep a can of Static Guard on my rack and spray the carpet infront of my equipment rack and from listening chair to rack. It has gotten rid of the annoying static shocks (that, once in a while, actually shut my amps down).