How much?

How much do you listen to your stereo? 

Love my CJ Premier gear, Vandersteens,Sota, and fancy cabling. Invested a lot.

I listen to it about 2 hours a week. What a shame.

Maybe I need a different home with a dedicated listening room or maybe I just feel like venting.
When I am home and conscious the stereo(s) are on .. first thing I do in the morning is turn music on, before getting out of bed. The last thing I do at night before sleep is turn the music off. I probably do about 8 hours of true dedicated listening a week.... I start to get itchy without it!!
I do like the sound my system produces, I just don’t have that set apart listening room. That would double or triple my listening. Those of you who do how fortunate you are! And it’s surely acoustically superior to my living room. The room where my wife and daughter do her homework. And I have to be quiet. School rules and I don’t disagree. Sadly this is the only room in my house that will accommodate the gear. And I’m not moving so it’s on me.

Just wanted to gauge against others who surely have invested a lot into their systems as well.

Thank you for your responses!

Why so hostile, tostados? Tom just posted about his preferences. What's it to you?
 @wolf_garcia.  so retired guys..we need to start a sub group....

@tomcarr i get plenty of non background listening in.....but yes i do use the vintage system in my work room as background....and now and then when something jaw dropping happens, i just listen.....