How much?

How much do you listen to your stereo? 

Love my CJ Premier gear, Vandersteens,Sota, and fancy cabling. Invested a lot.

I listen to it about 2 hours a week. What a shame.

Maybe I need a different home with a dedicated listening room or maybe I just feel like venting.
My main rig 3-4 hours every day and my secondary system 7-8 hours every day (mostly FM Stereo). My secondary system is in my home office.
  I am retired. I listen from one to three hours a day. With Apogee Duetta II loudspeakers, it is easy to listen.
I have specific background music needs for my morning newspaper reading (classical piano works), and that changes to serious listening here and there throughout the day and night...I turn off the tube amps when my rig gets some serious time every day, which is good since my new Morrow cables still won't be broken in until late December...I'm a retired person, if really a person at all, so I can do whatever the hell I want (especially when my wife is out of town). PARTY!!!
About 45 minutes most mornings while getting ready for work, and an hour or more each night while reading before bed.