How much would you sell B&K 200.7

Thinking of selling my B&K 200.7 reference. It's an S2 THX ultra.
Bought it used from here a couple years ago, worked great for home theater for 4 years with light to regular use.
Forced to down size to 3 speaker set up when I moved to new house. Got a new marantz 5007 avr. Thinking using a 200.7 for 3 channels is a waste of power. (does it waste power or are those unused channels not drawing any juice)

In same condition. Just curious what you think it goes for these days. I think I paid like 1200 for it from here, maybe 1500... don't remember...any thoughts
check the A'gon Bluebook. It will tell you what they have sold for. You can also check ebay - do a search on auctions that have completed sold.
The basic rule of thumb for used equipment is to price it around %50 of the original retail price. Since you know that you spent $1200 to $1500 you could ask about $700 and see if you get a buyer. If you think it is worth more to start negotiation then price it higher. The price you will get is only the amount the market will pay.
I don't think the unused channels waste a lot of power but I am not certain. Usually you can leave an SS amp on idle and in most cases it uses a low baseline amt of energy.