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I am thinking of integrating my HT and my stereo, I mean just using stereo speakers up front(NO center channel) and a set of surround speakers. I have a good sub also. I realize I will never be able to fully experience 5.1, dts, etc but is pro logic that bad? can I have seperate L and R surrounds with this set up or is it one signal that will be sent to them? My speakers are very holographic and tend to create a center channel when listening to music, also the company who makes them does not make a center(I use avalon acoustic eclipse just for the record). My other option would be to seperate the two systems and use much cheaper speakers in the HT. So I guess my question is: do I really need a center channel to have a good HT set up? any further questions/coments are welcome. Thank you for any help, Tim.

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I also have a 100in projection screen so I don't think that it will interfer with the imaging, sorry I forgot that.
Just to help a little I do have a preamp/surrond proccessor which can create a phantom center with several adjustments at all 5.1 speakers. However I have another question can I get independent surrounds with out a center, ie using a digital out on the DVD player the preamp automatically goes into dolby digital and I am unsure if I can run a 4.1 set up? Thanks for all of your help so far.