How much tube power for Totem Arros small room?

I'm looking at getting a tube or hybrid integrated for my Arros. It's my office system, relatively small room. I'm new to tubes and don't know how to compare watts. How much power do I need? Thanks. -Dave
i have arros for many years. you need at least 40wpc according to totem. however, these speakers can be very dynamic with ss power. i would try a nice integrated with at least 120 wpc. something that feeds the small drivers some real current.a
The first place you should look for info is Vince at Totem. He has a lot of experience with his gear and will steer you in the right direction. Totem is pretty good about getting back to you and supporting their speakers so you shouldn't have to wait a month for a reply from them.
Good luck and your Arros should sound fantastic with a good tube amp. (and make going to work fun)
I will ask Vince, thanks for that advice. I'm also looking for some advice from consumers. Thanks. -Dave