how much tube power for eclipse ?

I have a pair of avalon eclipse rated 86 db what would be the minimum power requirement tube amp for these not a huge room I dont need to crank it. what about set amps ? any suggested amps I am on a budget under a grand thanks
Used Rogue M120 monos will be the best budget tube match for them. There is no SET under 1k that can drive your speakers for sure.
Also try VTL MB100 used.
I used to own the avalon eclipse and with your budget I suggest you sell the speakers and add your grand to that, split the total and and buy speakers and an amp- the avalons only sound good with first rate electronics in front of them. I have a feeling you will never really enjoy the speakers with an amp like the Rogue(with all due respect of course), synergy and balance in a system are VERY important to an enjoyable system. But if you are going to keep your speakers I would suggest solid state something with as much current as possible- a large Rotel or something similar.
Tim: With "to the point", "hard-nosed" and "opinionated" advice like that, you'll soon be climbing into the dog-house that i end up inhabiting all too frequently : )

Honestly though, i too would look for an amp that is very "sturdy" and can pump out a very healthy amount of power into low impedances. While you might not be able to obtain the best performance out of these speakers with an amp at the price range that you mention, this should at least work reasonably well until you can afford something a little more suitable. As i've stressed before, your system is only as strong as the weakest link. Sean

PS... Tim's suggestion of a big Rotel might not be bad, but i think it might be a bit bright / slightly brittle sounding for those speakers. Try checking into a Sunfire amp as they are available for about that amount of cash. It will not have quite the bass impact that the Rotel might offer, but the overall presentation would probably be a little more appealing in the long run.
Sean- Opinionated, me??? :) perhaps. I was a little over the top earlier, how ever I do think the sunfire may work better then the aforementioned Rotel. The problem with lower wattage tube amps is you will lose sound stage, imaging, and low end extension(which that speaker ain't to good at, so don't lose any of it) but will gain some body and texture- to me(having gone through the same thing) the benefits don't out weigh the short comings of lower wattage tube amps. Again this is just my opinion some like it, some leave it- its up to you to make a decision.
Tim, you're probably underrating Rogue that has a transformer tolerable to large impedance swings as well as VTL. It's just simply not with the same class with Avalons but can play them for sure. Later-on magnum upgrade can be done. If it can drive Thiel 3.6 than Avalons I think is easier.
Again, for the millionth time, if you want a super valued
amp that will drive the eclipse, then try getting the
Spectral DMA200 for about $1500. It drives my Radians and
my Acoustats, without any problems except when I decide
I want to bruise my ears with 110 db sound pressure. The
Rogue 120s or even the 60s should work fine for any thing up to 90-95db.
Which is very loud, concert hall levels.
You figure 85db/1m and at 3m listening distance that brings it down to around 80db for 1 watt; 90 db is 10 watts; 100db is 100watts; 103db is 200watts. Also the DMA200 does not need a Spectral preamp.
Hi Glen45,
I have a pair of VTL 80 watt mono's I use with my Maggie 1.6's(84db). My room is 14x16. They sound great! Big powerful sound. If your interested they are for sale @ 950.00 OBO.
Let me know