How much to spend on analog to get a decent sytem?

Now I am using the CAL IconII CD with AES SE-1 300B tube amp and Silverline Panatella II speakers (no preamp.

I have been thinking about upgrading my CD player, probably to either a Jolida 1000 (w/ upgrade tube) or Cary 303/200.

However, I have a second thought about moving to analog as well.

So if I would jump into the analog world and wanna built analog system (everything, including phono pre), how much I would have to spend to get a decent result at least comparable to these CD players I mentioned? I know many people will say there is no comparable, but as I come from digital world, it's good for me to get at least relative idea to compare it, a first order will do.

Thanks a lot,

I would go with a P25 w/RB600 and super elys or exact table (850-1000 doc & cart). Add a an arc ph-3 ($900) or pass labs ono ($1200).

Total cost if bought used will be around 2K and provide an outstanding vinyl rig. If you want to go cheaper, pick up a lehman black cube phono stage.

Another midprice table I think the world of is the nottingham spacedeck with spacearm and dynavector xx cart. That should come in at around 2500 total price used.

Disclaimer: I sell pass labs products.
Yeah, I'd say th P25 is the lowest of what Could be comparable to those CDPs, while the Spacedeck is better than those CDPs.

-also coming from a 0101 world. I would like to hear from an analog-is-life-itself jackass, though. (That might stop them).
Here's a jackass, I guess. Depending upon how large of a CD collection you already own, one thing to keep in mind about analog is that you should be able to build a collection of MUSIC for much less money. Unless, of course, you are only into more recently released tunes or have that rather large CD collection, in which case you might be better served sticking with CD. Ohlala is correct, IMHO, in that a Spacedeck with the proper pikcup will humble the CDP's you mention. Hadda get that in there, too, O. :-)
Don't get a belt drive based combo in the under $3,000 price range!!!

Think speed and rotational stability...
I didn't need to play my VPI Aries to beat my Audio Aero Capitole MKII player. My MMF7 did it.

Don't need to spend $3,000 to beat digital if they are properly set up with matching phono preamp.
I agree with John 1. You probably need to spend around 2-$2.5K to get what would be considered a good analogue rig by high-end standards. The Rega P25 is a good place to start (and probably end). If you are a VPI fan (I am), the Aries Scout is pretty hard to beat, too.