How much to spend for a matching center channel

I recently purchased a pair of Meadowlark Ospreys. They are still breaking in, but I can already hear how great they will be. I hope to someday arrange a quality HT set up, using the Ospreys as fronts, and perhaps acquire some Swifts or Kestrels for rears. Right now, I have the chance to buy one of very few matching Osprey center channels that Meadowlark made before their unfortunate demise. It will cost a litttle more than 2K, almost $500 more than I paid for the mains (half of original list). which is about twice what I was looking to pay, and hadn't expected to spend that until a little further down the road. But I also am working to avoid upgrade-itis since I don't really have the time or the $$$ to justify it, and therefore intend to keep the Ospreys a good long time.

Is having a matched center that ciritical that I should lay out the extra dough for a chance that might not come by again? Or could I do as well for less with a different brand?

I hate to tell you that having the center matched is critical. Sound will tarvel accross the frount 3 speakers alot and if they are voiced differently you will notice. Also a good center is the most important thing in a good HT because 80% of your sound comes from it.

I had a similar situation I had Canton speakers loved them but couldn't get a matching center so I sold them just because of that.
Not being familiar with the speaker itself I might say buy a second pair of the same fronts and sell the extra speaker and be bucks ahead.--You sound like the kind of guy that wouldn't be happy with less.
The center is absolutely critical , match it or go phanton unless the co has a center specifically designed for the mains that will be a good timbre match. Nothing beats 3 of the same across the front. Its very impt for movies but critical for multichannel music.
One more chime on the matching center. I went years with an unmatched center and never had the fluid sound as I do now. The whole system IMO must be voice matched to really enjoy multi channel music or movies. You will not be disappointed. That sounds high for a center but it will be worth it in the long run.
there are lots that dont match the center because of age or price or size, anyway it is not a must, your ears will tell you if it is ok to use brand X with brand Y ofcourse matched is ideal, but nobody is gonna die if it isnt matched YMMV