How much to setup a table??

So, I'm not sure if I set up my table correctly and wanted to ask our local dealer/tech to make a house call to set it up for me.

1. Are house calls standard protocol or will he look at me like I'm nuts?

2. What is a reasonable rate I should expect? $50? $20 + a few beers?

No, I didn't buy the table from the dealer but, I have bought a few things there in the past a few years ago. They know me because I always stop by to say, "Hi" and buy used vinyl from the owner on occasion.

Why don't you just ask him? I'm sure there will be a service charge, it will then be up to you to determine if it is reasonable or not.
Instead of guessing what his service chanrge will be, why don't you simply ask him?
Jmcgrogan2; What I'm getting at is, what is a reasonable amount to expect to be charged for a medium sized midwestern town. At some point I will ask him. If I ask him now and he says a $100, how do I know if I'm getting a deal or if I'm getting ripped off??

If you folks tell me that around $50 is normal and my dealer says $100, than I KNOW I have room to negotiate or just walk away.

I just have no idea.
Expect to pay anywhere from $45-75/hr plus travel time. Think of it as a repair call.

What makes you think you haven't setup the table properly? Is there some specific sonic aspect you think you're not getting? It's not like there is one perfect set of parameters to setup an analog combo. VTF, SRA, antiskate and other parameters all interact and any setup is a compromise of at least some of these factors. That's assuming you're not going to individually tweak every album you play.
Onhwy61; I've never setup a table before. I haven't sunk a lot of money into my system but, still want to make sure I'm hearing every pennies worth. Plus, I don't have a digital VTF guage. I used one of those manual Sure jobbies. Also, I'm wondering if my protractor is appropriate. Also, I've heard that VTA needs to be close (I can't tweak mine that much with the Origin arm) but; am I close enough? Anywho...

I just don't have much confidence in what I did. Who knows, maybe I'll have a "pro" look at it and he won't have to touch it. $50 is worth the peace of mind.
post where you live here and see if a kind vinyl member will take you up on beers and music.....many helpful folks lurk in Agon.
Try advertising on here for someone to calibrate your table and arm for you. There may be someone within 100 miles who would be glad to find an audio buddy somewhat nearby. Also, if you were to state what table, arm, and cartridge you are using there may well be 'Goners who can advise you on line or by phone. Many of us have skills equal to or better than your dealer. And at least a few no doubt have better tools.
This is what the forum is for.
Hey! Y'all are alright...

I live in South Bend, IN. Right by Notre Dame (don't hold that against me.)

Please take a look at my System to see the TT/Arm/Cart combo (Clearaudio, Origin Live, Benz)

Thanx everyone.
Nice set up, I wish I lived near you. I'd help for beers and a listen.