How much to replace a new laser on the Denon 3910?

Normally I would bag it and throw this a "regular" 3910 in the trash, but this baby is John Tucker's Exemplar 3910, so I'm figuring the laser is a cost effective way to stay with greatness.
Why don't you ask Denon?
I don't know what repair services you have available in your area, but if you have a local repair shop don't overlook them. Replacing a laser isn't rocket science. I just had one replaced on a Raysonic for $180. Two dealers quoted over $400 (plus shipping etc) - one wanted $125 just for the part for which I paid $50 thru a local techie.

It's a jungle out there!
Call Denon America and see(pray) if they have them in stock. I have a highly modified Marantz and had the same concerns. I called Marantz America and found that they still had them in stock for around $90. I bought one even though I don't need one right now. I figured for $90, it's peace of mind to have one around.

I don't know that I could install it myself, but at least I know that I have the necessary part. I can always find a tech if I can't install it.
Try here:

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John Tucker, Mr Exemplar himself,
is replacing my shot laser with a brand new after market laser. Denon does not make them anymore, and he said that 30% of the new ones do not work properly. He's modifying some caps and some other things for a song. Bottom line? $410, and he said it will slay (my term) my present baby. Soon my new speakers will be here, so I'll have time to make an objective evaluation, since I will be using my original speakers...thanks for the feedback...
I bought a used 3910 for $200 just to have it around as a spare. (My main DVD player is a Denon 5910)
$200 gets you a whole box of parts...
Buying a used working machine is your best option. All you have to do is swap the entire transport mechanism from one machine to another. Very simple to do if you have basic DIY skills. Replacing a laser on an existing transport is more difficult and may require calibration of the new laser.
I don't know that I agree with you Reb1208. If I were to follow your advice I'd spend $1200 to buy a 6-8 year old used cd player to use for it's drive mechanism as a back up. That somehow, THAT is a better idea than having a brand new laser on hand for back up for $90???

Even if I have to pay a couple hundred dollars to have someone install it and calibrate it, I'm still getting a newer laser for less money than the $1200 used CDP.

Congrats Warren, it sounds like you made out very well indeed!! Enjoy!!
Thanks Jm, I'm on the same page. I made out well thanks to John. Mr Exemplar is fair, smart, honest and loyal to his customer base. What more can you ask for. That's what turned me on to him in the first place.