how much to pay for this sensational setup?

not an audiophile..just purchased a house with this setup and the owner wants to sell it off....what is this worth you think?

B&W 801 speakers (UK)
B&W ASW300 subwoofer(UK)
B&W DS6 centre speaker(UK)
Sony Blu ray player
Krell stereo amplifier (USA)
Marantz 8003 power and pre amplifiers
NAD2400 power amplifiers.
Krell speaker cables. (these are currently around $700/meter
what is this worth you think?

Whatever you can find someone willing to pay for it.
Not more then $3000. Since you are not into audio, treat it like a used car being taken in at a dealer.
an ebay ad can answer this question with complete certainty in about 7 days.
What series B&W 801 and what model Krell amplifier? The condition is also a major factor.
Agree, the person is trying to ask YOU to take it off his hands. That alone cuts the value.
One third of retail would be more than it is worth.
1/4 a little low.
So start adding up retail.. divide by 4. save number. divide retail by 3 ..that is the # not to go over.
Start with the 1/4 of retail offer.
If the seller does not want to sell ar less than 1/3 retail. then tell him to pack it all up. goodbye.
Agree with Elizabeth. By purchasing with the home you are saving the seller a lot of effort and headache. If I were in the seller's position and did not wish to put forth much effort selling each piece, I'd settle for 1/4 retail.
What Rrog said !!! Post the model #'s and I'll look up the blue book #'s. What is he asking you to pay ???????