how much to offer friend for records

I have a friend who has a pretty big collection of jazz, classical and pop music. He is interested in my coming to evaluate and buy a bit of his collection

he's an avid valuable book collector and I have the feeling he'll have a similar outlook on records

normally when I buy a "large quantity" of old vinyl $5 - $10 per record seems more than reasonable for good quality unless they are obvious rare collectables,japanese imports, etc

he played them on a Linn Sondex so they didn't get typical abuse

ebay pricing doesn't help with some people high balling prices for a sales score

he's parting with his vinyl as he's been purchasing too many instruments (guitars and basses) lately and his wife doesn't want him dipping into credit

any suggestions on fair pricing would be helpful
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if he's a collector, i'm sure he already has a price in mind. just ask for each title.
A question that can't be answered. What specifically are you buying? I disagree with you about ebay prices. This is a different type of sale though. I would expect a bargain. There is no work in it for your friend to sell these. You are also talking about a volume purchase. If they are readily available records I would think $2.00 to $5.00 is very fair.
At the used record store I occasionally visit classical records go for from one to three dollars on average. Jazz is apparently more valued; those albums go anywhere from about seven to thirty dollars (all with heavy duty outer plastic sleeves). I have no idea how values are arrived at; there must be some list somewhere that grades them on how rare they are. But if you're buying more than a few records, his price should be lowered accoringly. If he were to offer them on ebay, or to a store such as Princeton Record Exchange, I think he would find that most records have no where near the value of rare books. And not having to package and ship them should be worth something to him.
If he is really a friend and vise versa, he will likely give you a fair price. So as a friend you should pay what he asks.
Hopefully you will remain friends after this deal! THese type of things can put a strain on relationships as both sides typically feel they should get special treatment. Good luck!
hi guys, being it's a friend it's a bit different

that's why I asked

what I would normally pay to someone I don't know would be $3-5 for common stuff in good shape $10-15 for some rarer stuff.

my friend is a listener/ musician not a collector

his vinyl collect starts in the early 70s
so there will be some nice things

I hate to insult him or low ball him, but I also don't see paying premium for things I can purchase inexpensively anywhere

also I'm quickly filling up my shelf space at home
and have a huge backlog of things to clean before playing
so I'm not in a huge vinyl urge mode

i would let your friend sort this out with his wife. a couple of problems here...1. there's no worse feeling than having to sell something to get something(audiophiles and addicts have a lot in common here).....2. if he and his wife are feuding over the use of credit cards and/or money, it may be wise just to wait until things cool down..that way there's no seller's remorse, or potential arguments in his house about what constitutes community property(if you know what i mean).
I'm pretty much with Jaybo. Ask him initially what amount he has in mind for each. If you're okay with it, ask if it changes with 20 or so, then fifty or so. If the amounts in his mind are fine with you, great, go pick some. If it seems high, don't negotiate (he's your friend), just say "thanks, I'll pass, but I appreciate the offer to let me be first".
Difficult! Agree the problem of selling under pressure is going to make it tough for you in the long run.
One thing I would suggest: Offer to "sell them back" if he changes his mind! This eases the parting, as he then can think that he 'could' get them back. Second, I would not make a blanket offer at all. Buy each title at a price. Then you will be making an offer at a price you and the seller can agree upon. Buying 'blocks' of stuff will not let you look at them, nor will it allow him to 'buy back' particular LPs.
The prices discussed above, seem very high to me... Classical is worth only a buck an album, Rock about two to three, with Beatles and Dylan worth five each.. Jazz is hard. Common Jazz LPs are three bucks, to five, or ten etc for rarer LPs. Some Jazz are worth a LOT of money. All of this is assuming the LPs are in near perfect condition! (just because he is a collector does NOT mean the records will all be perfect! Do not buy a 'pig in a poke'!!)
If you do not know what YOU want to pay... you are in for a lot of problems.
my friend isn't in a fit with his wife (who is a saint by the way), he's mearly overextended his guitar purchases and is acting financially responsible

he has more music than he can listen to, rares plays any vinyl and was the one who asked me on the lps end
he even told me before my next vinyl horde elsewhere to come look at his lps

he's not really a collector music wise, more appreciative musician, but does collect first print rare books for investment

I do value his friendship and don't want him to feel slighted either

the "thanks for the offer" is a good suggestion as is the 'buy back policy" but I've already fronted him $700 for his last guitar at his request

I may suggest him sell some of his rarer things individually (ebay, here, etc)