How much to distribute on...

5.1 speakers(fronts, center, rears, sub)


Pre/Pro & 5 channel Amp

If you are planning to spend about $9000.
60% music and 40% movie.

I think I'll ended up spend about $4000+ on the 5.1 speakers
(I bought used REL Strata III for $800, and probably get Soliloquy or Sonus Faber front center rear speaker pacakge for around $3200-3500.

And maybe get new/used Antem AVM20 or Krell Showcase with Bryston Amp(s) will be around $4500 I geuss...

Turned out to be around 50% for the speakers and 50% for the pre/pro + amps

Is this good distribution?
or would you save some money in one area and spend more on other...
Get the AVM-20.2

And check out the ATC Concept 4 system.

4 SCM-10-2
1 Concept 2 center

It is a phenomenal system and fits your budget perfectly....and you won't have to worry about what amplifier to get. If you like I can send you a picture of the quality of the amplifiers built into the system. Class A, very nice. for review
Go with the krell and sonus system. However, if you really want great HT then I would look at getting b&w nautilus as they are faster which is better for HT.