How much to ask for Astatic 2500MF H2 ?

i am curious to find out the price i should ask for this Astatic 2500MF H2 

it has been in a footlocker that was/is mine since about 1982 when i was trying to get together a stereo for myself. it never got used. i never bought a good TT.

it seems to have everything but a box to go over the styrofoam. there are screws and a screw driver and the protective case. the stylus and connections all look new. I never got to use it.
pics here
 Pretty cool.  

thank you in advance

WTS Astatic 2500MF H2
Well nobody managed to answer me today is April 23rd I think. I'm surprised nobody on this entire site gave any input whatsoever maybe that's just something that isn't done here I don't know. Anyway I sold the cartridge brand new and unused for over $800. So if you're reading this you can answer by telling me if you think I got ripped off. Thank you.