How Much Time do You Surf on Audiogon?

I found myself spending a half hour on my lunch break at work, and an additional two hours at home !!
I won't mention weekends.
My system sounds great.
Anyone else out there have this habit ?
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What habit? I don't have a habit. Who says I have a habit?

Actually I'm good for at least two passes of the New Today section per day, everyday. Explorer's Edit/Find functions speed things along when I'm in a hurry.
Too much time. I need A'goN Anonymous! What are the 10 steps?
I'm happy with my system too, but I spend an awful lot of time here checking out all the sweet gear for sale! (dreaming!) Not to mention all the time I spend reading the forums. Audiogon is the best thing since sliced bread:)
i think anybody who reads or responds to the threads spends alot of time here.

im good for about 1 to 2 hrs each day.

I saw this thread, does that answer your question? :•)
Way too much time!

(However, I have gotten some really good deals, because I pounced on them quickly!)
The fastest replys are the ones who spend too much time. Gunbei has me beat by probably 15 min.

too much time there guy.

I have upgrade-fever so bad it hurts, i find audiogon theraputic. Once i get some more revamps and get back into the game i will probably settle down
Where's Slappy at, we need his advise too !
Call-em in here Gunbei !
Gaudio_eek: There are 12 steps for the Audiogon Anonymous !
"What honey? You need to use what? The computer? Yeah, uh, just give me a second, OK?"

Two hours later...."I'll be right there!"
I check Audiogon out from work at lunch -- probably about 15 min or so. Audiogon is the first thing I look at when I'm home -- I kiss my wife hello about an hour later ;-) Folks, just kidding -- I'm ill but not insane.
Its my homepage, 'nuf said.
10 steps? 12 steps?

Reminds me of that hitchhiker Ben Stiller picked up in There's Something About Mary. "No, not 6 Minute Abs! SEVEN!! You can't get a good workout in 6 minutes!

OK, since most of the Goof Patrol is here, the other thing I'm doing right now besides 'GoN-Loitering is trying to figure out where I'm gonna spend the vacation days I had to put in for here at work. The days I'm looking at are Sept. 2-6, and Oct. 1-4. Of this year. Nothing too fancy. Just some place I can go to unwind, get a massage, read and possibly get lucky on one of those days.

Even though it's mostly a party town for us Gringos, I thought about Cabo. I stayed there two years ago at a nice quiet hotel at the mouth of Cabo San Lucas Marina. The other place I was thinking of was Monterey, CA. I live in LA.

Any suggestions?
bump those october days by a week or so and come to denver for the Rocky mountain Audio Fest
about 90 min of a 60 min lunch hour (yep you read that right) and about 15 minutes every hour while I'm at work. About 1-4 hours after work during the week and 4-6 hours a day on the weekends. (this is audiogon and audio asylum combined). I guess I need a life.
Aroc, I was afraid someone was gonna tell ME that !
You beat me out on the time thing.
Where's all the rest of you hidin out ?
Fess up !
Maybe about one hour a day unless there is a very busy thread I've posted to. A go-fast connection is a must. Without it I wouldn't do much at all. I come in from my shop for a break and find killing time here the best rest I can have. I do communicate directly with others with the same affliction too so I should count that time also. Aw hell, it's closer to two hours some days. Then if I have an item for sale it's more. Or if I'm looking to buy a little bit more yet. This is beginning to sound bad and making me feel guilty. Not.
You know I was thinking...Before Audiogon , my best friend and I used to talk Audio all the time, then he lost his job, had to sell his gear, and out of respect for him I stopped discussing audio with him. And my sytem remained the same for about two years . Then I discovered Audiogon. Now its like I have 100 friends talking Audio all the time and their are boxes arriving at my door every week !
Help !! I need the 12 step program !!!!
Man here I am again responding to another thread. I've been trying to stop cold turkey but it ain't a happenin'!

I swore I would skip a day or two but that did not work either. I have even been looking at audio stuff on Ebay now, just bought some tubes there tonight!

My wife has given up on me and she now tells everyone that I spend all my time on audio sites, man she's right!

At least I stopped going to dealers and bring things home to audition, oh no, my buddy did that last week and I was there with my gear to comapre it. Guess I am just a lost casue.

Then there is this guy who started this thread who I correspond with almost every night including weekends with this stuff. We even call each other on the phone like two little kids to talk about more stuff! Blah, Blah, Blah!

Pat, I'm a gonner! Help me please!!!!

Too much time here and not listening to music again.

Happy Listening.

Slappy, Pat and I are going to come by one day to visit!!!!!!!! Hell we may have to move in with you after our wives kick our butts out the door!
About an hour a day if I can keep my eyes open. I look forward to Slappy, Marco, Gunbei's PC posts; I have no life. No, really, I have no life. My idea of excitement is going grocery shopping.

Time for bed again,
I'm good for about 1-2 hours per day. More on the weekends. Depending on how many new today listings there are. No ebay or asylum for me, I'm strictly audiogon, maybe that helps cut down some of the time. I tried to stay away. I lasted almost a week, and then I caved. I do know it's much worse when you have friends with the same addiction. Especially if they are close by.
Allright BigKidz, ill set out the army cots and a cold 12pack of bud.

make sure at least one of you brings a pair of speakers worth half a shit, cause im sick of these radioshackers.
I think Prpixel's life is a mirror of mine, except he's smarter than me. I look forward to driving to work. How sick is that?

A'Gon is your homepage page? Now, that's hardcore, Distortion! I think you win.

Rx8man, I been trying to get Marco in here but I think he's busy tearing his house apart. His wife and dog are temporarily living on the roof. Maybe they were influenced by the Cool Worlds theme this past weekend on the Science Channel and are trying their own Snowball Earth experiment.

Slappy, I think I'm gonna do Puerto Vallarta during Labor Day Weekend. I love Mexico and Latin women, so I gottsta go! Isn't the Rocky Mountain Oyster Fest going on this week?
Yeah it is. In fact, im the guest of honor! I got the biggest oysters in colorado! ;)

I envy you; I wish I could drive to work. Driving is one of the things I miss the most. Ah, to hold a stick in my right hand and row the gears..............
Are you guys talking about mountain oysters?
Maybe a half hour at work and an hour at home, but it varies. I'm thinking about getting a second computer networked in to the main one downstairs. It would be a laptop so I could sit in the sweet spot while listening to music and look at audiogon at the same time.
About 15 minutes a day during the week, maybe a hair more on weekends. Sean
WELL, I see many of us NEED "some help?"
I'm guilty as hell, look, I'm HERE AGAIN at 6:45AM !!!!!
Just to check this thread, yeah right, I'm in DENIAL !!!!
Saving gas trips though, like Bigkidz said, what a weak excuse !!!!
I have to go to work now, (I "might" ? sneak on Audiogon at lunch)
Sometime I think a drug or gambling addiction, for me, would be easier to deal with.

Let's just say that it's a good thing that my boss has his own lunatic hobby and spends more time than I do here, or I'd be in big time trouble at work.
45 min a day

yes and I really do have a life too!

I think...
I think you are in denial... you got like fifty million post here, and some most of them are very lengthy. Its either denial or your being sarcastic... which is it??
Sean you must be really fast at typing, some of your posts would take me at least 30 minutes or more just to type them! HA!

Oh crap, I am back at it already today!
It depends on whether I have anything useful to be doing.
About 3-4 times a day, morning, noon, and night, I check in. Just want to make sure I don't miss any really good deals, they go fast. I do have a life, lots of other interests, but this audio thing seems to be at the top of my list.
Hi, my name is Woody and I'm an audioholic.
It's 9:35AM,
I'm in here again (just to check this thread)
Bigkidz and Slappy, start pitching them tents !!
Is everyday too much. This is not an obsession...honest!
It is just necessary.....
Eldartford, this IS useful time! Heheh.

Bigkidz, Sean's trick is that he spends the entire day researching his notes from his post grad days, typing the answers up, then he just pasts them into the four or five threads he needs to respond to. So technically he's only in here a few minutes, but he spends 72.504% of an average day dedicated to helping us A'GoNers out of our messes.

Muzikat, speaking of deals. I can remember you and I did a transaction earlier this year. For the life of me I can't remember what it was for, but I do remember you were one cool cat.

" hold a stick in my right hand and row the gears.." Sounds like you're a car man Prpixel! What was the ride that made you enjoy heel-toeing and speed-shifting so much? The car I enjoy driving these days is a '99 M3. Not the fastest car out there, but plenty fun and smooth as silk. Been roaring down the shores and canyon carving since I put in the Bilsteins and Eibachs a few weeks ago.

Rx8man. I guess it's no secret what you drive, heheh. Enjoying them suicide doors? :•)
Well Gunbei,
It'll be a "suicide-ride" with all that frickin torque and horsepower and only 2900lbs. of car and driver!
It's 12:00 NOON and I'm BACK HERE AGAIN !!!
Good one Woody, yer ONE STEP CLOSER !!!
You can say that again Gunbei!! Too much time to even speak of. But, I really like you guys.
too much...waaaay too much
Yeah, as much time as I spend here, Ellery makes me look like a timid, non-posting lurker. How are the operas going?! I can see it now...Cecilia Bartolli singing nude in the warm night of a New Mexico desert.
i agree with Gunbei, eery time i see a good thread to post on, Ellery 911 has already been there.
I dont have time to answer the question. I'm too busy posting on other threads... I mean WORKING... WORKING... that's what I'm doing. Yup.

What a cruel question to ask. Thanks for reminding me!
How much time??

Enough that I almost didn't get Samantha to the bus stop this morning because I was reading this thread!!!
Yeah, that's right, Doug...we're woooorkingg.
I almost got a huge parking ticket for not moving it for street cleaning this morning cause I had to check ONE MORE thread about certain brands of tubes, HELP!
I figure about four 15 minute visits each day. But according to St. Augustine, time is "an illusionary product of our mind" - so actually, it may be longer, or it may be less…. And since someone else (Berlioz I think?) stated "Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils." Who really cares anyway?
Look at it a different way: if I had to pay full retail for all my audio purchases, rather than approximately half retail as I’ve typically paid at audiogon, it would have cost me an additional $13,500 over the last 12 months alone.
Assuming that I’ve spent approximately 300 hrs at this site in 12 months, I’ve actually been earning $45 per hour for every hour spent on Audiogon!!
The moral of this tale is…..well, I’ll be darned if I know.

home page is Audiogon also. Probably 3 hours a day at least. Addiction yes believe so. Like reading the forums learn something everyday usually. And trying to help others learn if possible is good. You know you have a problem when you recognize who is writing a thread in the middle of their first sentence and remember their real name and what their system components are. Sean I think your time clock is running about 75% slower than it's supposed to.