how much should I spend to get a better turntable than my current turntable?

You want details hah!
I bet....

CURRENT: mmf-2.2. A lemon, a complete junk in my opinion. A disaster from the start. What I can I do with it? It was delivered with missing screws, the lift arm level broke in 3 months, all I got in the name of warranty a list of things not under warranty. I don't want to criticize the brand, maybe I just got unlucky, they are otherwise great. 

What should I get for the littlest investment that would work better than this wobbly, squeaky  thing? 


Rega P2 is an easy recommendation. I had the P2 and it’s a solid table. A bit above your budget if you can stretch it. If you choose to buy new I suggest getting it from Upscale Audio and have them either mount whatever cartridge you decide to get or if you want to get it as a bundle with Rega cartridge have them check the table and cartridge. Free service. This alone is worth it if you’re not experienced with a turntable set up and or don’t have the proper tools to do it. They have a 60 day return policy if I am not mistaking. 


I guess it comes down to the Fluance RT85 and te Rega P2, which one is a better value, and which one's looks I prefer. (Besides the other 4-5 options)

I had a 1200 series Dual and replaced it with the MMF-7 which was much better. If you have a $500 budget This is one of the best Dual TT’s ever made according to many. What you have now is the very bottom of the ladder TT's.

Dual 5000