How much should I spend on a cd player or universa

I am looking for a cd or cd/dvd player. Based on my equipment listed , how much and for which units would fit my system as far as quality compared to the rest of the system. ( basically , If you have a 100.00 system, a 5,000 cd player would not sound any better in that system than a 100.00 cd player.Also would I be better off getting separates or single player to do both jobs.

Parasound 7100
Parasound 5125
Nad c720bee
PSB Image T65
Psb Image S50
Psb Image C60

Usage--- 70% -music / 30% - HT
The better your source the better your system. Sounds like you might want a universal player from Sony,Pioneer, Marantz
$60, buy a Sony 595 refurb from the SonyStyle site. It beats some $5K players. What have you got to lose, $60 - no as sony will come pick it up and give you your money back. Things just don't get better then that. DVD? I don't have a clue.
buy a music server and an good external DAC.