How much should I spend?

I am going to connect my CD burner (NAD) to the tape loop on my integrated amp (McIntosh). This will allow me to make digital recordings from analogue as well as digital sources (my recorder has an A/D and D/A converter). I am wondering how much should I spend on these interconnects to ensure I'll get the best transfer of information?

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Up to some point you'll be helping the recording quality by using better cables. The real limiting factor is the quality of the A/D converter onboard the NAD. So I couldn't see going TOO nutty with cables for this. For recording quality, you'd only need to worry about the pair going from integrated-->cdr. You could use something else for playback.

Obviously, it would be useful to try and audition a few cables from your local club, friends, or local dealer. I imagine you would be looking for a neutral cable that doesn't introduce much of a sonic signature into the recording. The goal of the cable should be to stay "out of the way" of the recording - here especially so. I have heard that some of the Cardas and Analysis Plus interconnects are neutral, but I haven't heard them personally to recommend either. Both can be had for reasonable prices ($100-$350/1m or so, depending on model)

What do other people use in this setup?
Your point is well taken about the quality of A/D converter. I will not be using this set-up for reference copies or archival masters, or anything like that, but want to be able to make quality recordings that stick pretty close to the original without getting distorted (i.e "out of the way" and not losing too much). The price range you mentioned is about where I want to be.

I too wonder what other people have used for this setup....
Must say in advance that what I know about the digital front end would not float many boats. Anyway I was just reading a thread (from a knowledgeable source) on jitter which goes:

"A lousy cable after an anti-jitter unit could easily undo the filter's work... Jitter is a timing error in the pulses carrying the information. Jitter has several causes; reflections in the transmission line are of particular concern. Unsuitable wire and low grade connectors cause reflections. Digital audio signals are a RF transmission problem. It's not an accident that digital audio cables and video cables are so similar. The nature of the signals is similar. Don't confuse error correction with jitter. Error correction is built into CD transport equipment. It deals with bit misreads, such as those caused by scratches."

Anyway if anybody has anyting to add about lines undoing the work of filters, reflections, etc... would be glad to read it. Maybe something to consider Pardales. Sorry if this just confuses things. I'm a tube/analog guy. (I think CD stands for "clearly dead" ...just a joke!!!! I use one everyday.)

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$20.00-thats all you need to spend on RS top of the line interconnects. gold plated and all.