How much should I pay for old LP12?

Im consicering going back to vinyl again but now nothing about what to buy. I have been offered and old LP 12 w Valahlla,cirkus,akito,K9 in good condition for 500$.Is this a good buy or should I buy something else for 500?Can Linn tell you the age of the player if you give them serial number?
Hi, Ulf: If I were advising a close friend, I would tell them NOT to buy an old Linn LP-12. Even when they were new, LP-12's required a lot of on-going tweaking to maintain their performance. Given the number of really good turntables that you could consider, I'd urge you (if you were a close friend) to add a little money to your budget and think about a new Rega with Rega RB300 arm, or a new VPI HW-19 Junior. Since you are apparently willing to buy a used TT, you should also consider a VPI HW-19 Mk3; Basis; Oracle; or Kuzma. For the tonearm, there is probably no better inexpensive model than the Rega RB300, although a used Rega RB600 is a fine buy. VPI has also supplied AudioQuest PT-6 arms with their tables, and there is also au upscale version called the PT-9. Most of the other arms that come to mind (Graham, etc.) are going to cost considerably more. As a final option, I'd also seriously consider the Thorens line. They make an excellent TT which has its own arm.
Hi Ulf,
There are a lot of Linnophobics out there that never owned one but know for sure they're problems. I have a LP12/Vahalla/Cirkus/Ittok LVII that I bought used from a Linn salesman in Chicago. It was delivered and set up by the Linn guy. Since then it's been moved state to state twice, and had cartridge changes (by me) twice with absolutely no problems. Set up can be done via help from the instruction manual (available from the distributor) and a dining room table that opens up in the middle. Wall mounts work the best though a short, light, rigid stand will work too. An old Linn can always be upgraded and reconditioned.
I think $500 is a steal.
Yes, the Linn does require setup, and occasional adjustment. But there does seem to be a preponderance of "Sokdekophobia neurotica" out there. The Linn is a pretty good table, and with some commonsense mods, it becomes even lower maintenance and higher performance. To each his (or her) own of course. I'd be the last person to turn down an Oracle, Aries, or Basis - but I'm just not to the point of being dissatisfied with my LP12. And if this particular table and arm are in good shape, $500 is damn good deal. Give it a listen and decide for yourself. Happy Listening, -John
If it's a first or even 2nd generation Akito check out the bearings. Chances are if the table was played often, the bearings are shot. And you cannot get replacement stylus for the K9. If the power supply is original it too is probably near shot. A rebuild (a waste of money IMO) will set you back around $270.00 while a new one is over $500.00. The fact that it has a Cirkus means you'll only need it set up once a year or so. As most people here know I am not a linnie, but if the arm is in good shape, you can't do better for $500.00. Take the table to a Linn dealer and have him check out the arm bearings and put the cartridge under a scope. Even if the cartridge is shot $500.00 is still a good deal. Hell, the Cirkus cost more then that.
Addendum: Longplate is right about the replacement styli for the K9 not being available. If the arm and bearings are in good shape (again good advice to have them scrutinized), then just pop a 'lil Grado on the Akito and you're in business. Insofar as the Valhalla is concerned, they are known to fail this far out (15+ yrs - not a bad lifespan actually). The fault is usually the BIG caps on the board. When mine failed, I just replaced the whole shebang with an Origin Live DC motor kit, and sold the Valhalla board, motor and switch on Ebay to recoup some of the expense. The O.L. is an awesome value IMHO. But I digress. Ulf, if you do get this table and are interested in some of the other "Non Ivor approved" mods for the LP12, feel free to contact me. Cheers, -John
Thanks all for your input!
I have found out by Linn that this LP12 was made in 1992. I dont know if this makes it a "old" player?
Unfortunatly I have to buy it "blind" since its in another part of my country.
I'd say don't spend anything on a Linn. Get an old REK-O-KUT B-12gh instead - I'm so depressed having spent so much on my Linn LP12 (Vahalla/Ittok LVII/Dynavector) only to have a beat up old ugly monster like the Rek-o-kut B-12 gh Rondine with a worn stylus totally out class it . $500 is good for the Linn (I'm not too thrilled by the Akito. & the K9 is a dog) you mentioned but a Rega3 may be just as good ($400 or less), depending on your system.