How much sand/shot to put in Dynaudio Con 1Stands?

Hi, I have Dynaudio Confidence 1's with the custom Dynaudio stands and I'm about to fill partway the stands with lead shot and/or play sand. How much lead shot/sand have you found works the best? Have you found any advantage of shot over sand or vice versa? Does putting just pure lead shot into the columns add any sonic quality of its own? Has any one had good results mixing shot with sand? Thanks. Laurence
Two reasons to fill stands. 1. To tame resonance in the stand itself (since it's hollow). 2. to add weight to the stand.

Ideally, the stand should weigh the same or more than the speaker. Lead shot is great for weight, but is expensive and you could never lift the stand if filled with lead shot to the top.

I've found adding 1 bag of lead shot (about 25 lbs), then filling the rest with sand works great.
Thanks, Meiwan, so do you fill the stands all the way up? Do you know of any concerns about handling the lead other than 1) use gloves, 2) don't let kids get near it.

Use the combo method described above. Make sure you listen after each 15-20% of filling and fill no more than 75% at most. You may find the sweet spot at the first 25% and find that using any more dampens the sound and you may loose all dynamics, bass or treble energy. My recommendation would be to add a little and listen to some favorites you know Extremely Well. Repeat until you achieve the desired effect you are looking for. Keep track of your filling weight measurements in case you latter decide 33% sounds best. (Use soft rubber washers on the bottom plate between the plate and the silver washer before screwing in the bottom plate. This will make a nice seal so that sand/lead dust do not leak out the bottom.) Good Luck!
I use Stereophiles recommended method . Stand or rack is filled to the top with a 50/50 mix by weight of sand and lead , lead and sand is premixed in a separate container . There are many folks that don't recommend using lead any more , particularly if you have kids in the house . Nickel works well too , but I have only tried it once so far , with excellent results . Here in Canada lead shot can no longer be purchased .
I use a combo of bismuth, sand, and kitty litter. The kitty litter is used to absorb any moisture in the sand to avoid internal corrosion.
Good point about the lead. Maybe not such a good idea any more.

I like to fill to the top to avoid resonance. Lately I just use play sand only as it gives enough weight (I use stands with big fat legs). I like Brf's method also. As always, your results may vary....
Years ago, I did a little coin collecting and amassed over 5,000 “Wheat” pennies. I also have been throwing my spare change in a bucket for years and have a huge stash of coins. I have been tempted to take them to one of those coin machines where you dump them in and get bills. Then, I thought I’d like to save a lot of them for my grandkids.

However, these coins take up a lot of room and they are heavy. Fill up a bank sack with coins and you will see what I mean. So, I was thinking I could fill old socks with coins and put them in my Dynaudio speaker stands (or just dump them in).

It would add weight to the stand and be a nice out of the way place to store them. If packed tightly enough, they should not jingle and will be cleaner and easier than sand or lead shot.

Has anyone tried this? Any ideas on how it might effect the sound?