How much "bend" are in these inteconnects?

I want to upgrade my interconnects for my Music Hall CD-25/NAD T752 setup and unfortunitly in our built-in livingroom wall case where these components are setup there isn't very much room behind them, the cable need to make an almost 90 degree turn up for the receiver to fit in behind the custom made doors. My present Monster cable interconnects just fit and I have to actually push the receiver back with a little force just so there's room for the door to close.. I'm afraid these new cables may not have any give or flexability to do this.. Looking at either the Audio Art Cable Ic-3 High Resolution IC or Mas Solid Silver Interconnects..
You might wanna take a look at E-ticketcables. I have had very good luck with them, and they are very flexable.
There is a solution Virginia!! (no dis intended ;~))

I had to use these myself many years ago: Monster Cable Gold Plated Right Angle RCA adapters!! I have a ton (OK a couple pounds) of them. Tell me how many pairs (L+R) you need and I'll be happy to send you some. Now how's that for putting one's $$ where one's )) is?


You could also checkout the IC,s made by Mapleshade. Very thin and flexible.
Thanks for the offer Neil and I will keep you in mind if I go that route, I actually wrote both Stu and Robert (Mas & Audio Art) and both were very nice and both said the cables should be flexable enough to work.. so NOW I have to decide which of these two I'm going to go with and order them.. Actually which of the three (MAS greysilver, Ic-1 or Ic-3)..
If you go with the MAS interconnects, ask Stu if he has a pair of the MAS Black. IMHO, I feel that they are the best sounding and most natural compared to the Silver, ESPECIALLY on your CD player.
Sherod, I remember reading somewhere the MAS Blacks(no longer available) were actually an older interconnect that was replaced by the Silvergrays.. True?? Would either of the Audio Arts be more natural/neutral compared to the Silvergreys with the Music Hall Cd-25 w/L1+ and NAD setup??
Well,yes, the MAS Black have been discontinued, but I'm not sure if the MAS Grey(silver) replaced them. You'll have to ask Stu about that. All I know is that I compared the Black with the Grey(silver)in my CD Player, and the Black just sounded better to me. There's something magical about the Black with digital components. I preferred other cables with my other sources. Stu might still have a few pair of the Blacks in his private stock. I bought several pair from him over these last few years, price: $45.00. If Stu has an extra pair of Blacks, have him ship you both a Black and a Grey and send him back the one you don't like. Stu has a great return guarantee and is a very nice gentleman to deal with. He's been in the business for a long time. In fact, his MAS Black were given a rave review by IAR way back in 1977. Retail back then was $180.00/pair. That's how old they are, but there are very few interconnects today at this price that can compete. Only one, the new Auricle Encore, that come up for auction periodically. The new Audio Arts might give them a run for their money as well. I still have all of them a couple I gave to some family members to use on their CD players.
As to the Audio Arts cables, I have read some good things about them here in the threads, but have yet to try them out. I have so many cables now that I really don't need any more cables for now to even try out.
Well I ended up buying a set of Signal Analog 2 Interconnects and a Signal MagicPower digital reference Power Cord here on Audiogon and turns out I couldn't have picked a more stiffer cable out there, I was contemplating cutting in electrical boxes to make room for these cables to work and then remembered your idea you posted at this thread I started..

Neil mentioned Monster Cable Gold Plated Right Angle RCA adapters and wondered if you found any loss in sound quality, soundstage, detail or any difference using them.. I hate to spend money on cables just to have the sound quality compromised by taking the easier way out and using adapters... Your thoughts since you've been down this road would be greatly appreciated..

I know already I have to put some type of box in to allow room for the Power Cord, no way around this one, I wrote Frank at Signal and he said the power cord will be very stiff and need at least 5 inches behind the CD Player and I only have 2" to give (I was thinking maybe a regular empty electrical box just to give the cable the room it needs)..
Paul, The right angle connectors are gold plated and shouldn't really degrade the sound witn the ICs you are using. I used them with Magnans and couldn't tell any difference with or without. Yes, you are adding another interface, but if they are cleaned and treated with some good contact enhancer, they should be fine. I wouldnt recommend them for use with a coax (RCA) digital cable because the are not 75 ohm and might degrade digital data transfer.

As for the power cord, they do make right angle IEC connectors as well as right angle NEMA wall plugs, so you could have Frank at Signalcable fit the power cords with those where necessary.
Thank You Neil,
Your the best!! Saved me a lot of ugly wall cutting (my wife thanks you too and she never knew I was going to cut holes into the wall lol).. For others reading this post Matchstik man contacted Frank at Signal Cable about getting a 90 degree plug for the IEC Connector and he wouldn't do it..

So looks like I will be doing some wall cuts afterall but only one for the powercord,, thanks again Neil, you meet the nicest people here!!