How Much Power: Revel Salon 2's

OK. Right now I'm running some Revel Salon 2's with a Bryston 4bsst amp (300w). It seems to me they need more power. Right now I'm on a budget (building a listening room), but I'd like to get more out of these speakers. Suggestions? Should I buy another Bryston and bi-amp? Sell the Bryston and go with monoblocks? Would a Krell 402 e offer enough "bang"?

There's always a trade-off, but I'd like suggestions on how to get the most bang for my buck. One other thing - I don't really want to be hauling around a 200lb amp so two monoblocks or bi-amping might be a better alternative for me.

The Krell would probably sound somewhat better and have enough power. A friend uses the Spectron Muscian-3 and it works well and sounds very good.
I'm using an Audio Research DS450 (450 w/ch). This amp does a very nice job driving them. My room is 16 X 19. A much larger room may need a bit more power.

Guess I should re-phrase the question since I've priced the Krell. Other suggestions for budget power. 11,000 additional dollars is out of the budget in the near term.
Look at the FPB series from Krell used. And the Spectrons work well also.
Thanks for the suggestions. FPB is a better option. I had thought that an alternative might be to get another Bryston and bi-amp (so I don't go through the trouble of selling the current amp).

I'm just not sure of the real benefit of bi-amping vs mono-blocks vs one powerful amp. If you guys have some reccomended reading I'd be up for it (one issue I have with reading the forums is that you get your hobby-horse guys who must be deaf writing a lot of BS).

I've never found mono amps to be really any better than a good powerful amp except for the fact they can be smaller and therefore easier to move. I had an FPB600 and I preferred it over the 350 monos which I also owned. I'm sure the 650 monos would have been as good or better than the 600 but they were a lot more. If you can run the Brystons in mono they could fine if you like the sound. Just make sure they will be able to still drive your speakers if you switch then to mono. They will most likely not be able to work with low impedance loads when bridged.
I am using Krell 402e thru a BAT REX preamp. I think the speakers sound great, very musical. I sense no need for more power; I listen to all kinds of music and sometimes at high volume levels. The "e" upgrade on the Krell was a huge sonic improvement; highly recommended. I toy with the idea of monobloc amps but it would not work well in my listening room.
I would strongly encourage you to consider the new Mark Levinson 500H Series amps. Powerful, quiet, cool running amps that will provide a lot of bang for your buck. This is what Kevin Voecks who designed the Salon2's uses. I also have used them to power my Salon2's.
I have 2 Bryston 14b sst2 amps hooked to my Salon 2's, which would be 1200 watts/channel. They are x-over above 80 hz with JL subs on the bottom, and I can clip the Brystons without the Revels sounding fatigued. If I had the money I would run 4 Bryston 28b sst2 mono blocks, at 2000 watts/channel I don't think they would clip.