How much power really required for Vandy 3A sig

Will VTL MB 125s drive Vandy 3A sigs to a realistic level? Currently using the VTL 125s in a 13'x35'x8' room driving 2CE sigs. The 3As are 87 db and the 2Ce is 86 db yet the 3As call for more power. I have decided to buy the 3As and although I want more power am hoping to hold off on purchasing bigger amps for awhile. Any input appreciated.

You'll be fine for at least the time being. I drive these speakers with an Audio Research Classic 60 with no problem. I do have a much smaller room and usually don't listen real loud, but I think you will be OK if you listen at less than hearing loss levels. If you do find you need more power you'll have a new excuse to look for new equipment!